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Love Magazine

Cant wait for the third issue to come out in Febuary. I have not bought the previous copies but i have been following the Love Magazine Blog and its fantastic! Check out the new faces of 2010 - new scouted models and even some nakes shots of Beth Ditto looking great. One of my top new addictions i think for 2010.


Hardip said...

Had lunch with some guy I met in Vegas on Friday and he highlighted how "naked" the press is over here. We are kinda ammune to it now but that cover is actually scandalous! Actually completely nakie! Haha

Betheny said...
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Betheny said...

I love it! I think Love is a wicked fashion mag. Magazines need to show naked beauty as they are considered 'art'. Obviously consumer mags like cosmo wouldnt as they appeal to mass market but perverts like me would enjoy this.