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LFW AW10 - Pictures and People

London Fashion week kicked off with a bang on Friday, with stylist, bloggers and fashion editors a plenty rushing around London city. Not a moment went by without a flash going off or the words ' i love what your wearing' heard. I reached Somerset House on Friday excited to attend the Bora Aksu show. I was prepared with my SLR and invitation. So many attended the show which was held in the BFC tent of the grand building on the Strand. Popular as should be, Bora excelled with his subtle pinks and lilacs onn an amazing catwalk show. Getting to the front of the que i was gutted to be told it was full! I watched live streaming and caught up with my latest Twitter friends to find out how it went down. The day was just beginning for me- i registered with Cannon and took my pass away to see the delights in the designer exhibition's Gallery. I met some amazing accessory designers including Jane Carr with her beautiful scarves and leather gloves, Fannie Schiavoni and her beautiful array of metal pieces and the amazing Erikson Beamon with beautiful bang on trend jewels.

Fanni Schiavoni AW10

Fanni was lovely. I found myself staring at her collection for quite a while at the Topshop Exhibition Halls at Somerset House. I find pieces like these incredible because you can wear them with or without clothing and use them as clothing or as an accessory. Her lookbook was not available but i took some images to show you guys what you missed.

Jane Carr

Jane Carr's amazing glove collection supports her magnificent scarve array. I am one for scarves i must admit, i love how you can change a whole outfit by adding once different accessory. The lovely assistant at Jane Carr gave me a lowdown on the fabrics, popular colours and the amount of detail that goes into each one. They were beautiful! Sold in over 17 countries, the scarves, which are made in Italy, have detailed print that oozes sophisticated. Emerald greens, baby blues and soft pallets are used to create feminine light scarves. The gloves, which are just being launched come in a range of colour leather. Pink, Blue, Black and White they all have different attachments including Rabbit Fur and studs. I personally love the ones above because they are so bright and can be worn on a night out or day. I will post more details on Jane tomorrow!

Holly Fulton

Amazing pieces made from cutting and hand sewing on plastic. This coat was really heavy but imagine wearing it with some skinny black jeans and white ankle boots? I think its the new biker - get out the black leather and bring in the white plastic!

Erikson Beamon
Lovely pieces in this collection. I like chunky accessories, not to feminine. I imagine wearing this with a white vest op and some skinny jeans i am all about the accessories and the bigger the better!


MAWI is another collection i was inspired by. I love to see how necklaces are brought together and these are so detailed. I wear gold more than silver so picked this beauty out to put on my wish list. The owl is lush, which is more statement than any other animal necklaces i have seen on the HIgh Street. MAWI's designers were really nice and told me they are the same, enjoy punk with their accessories. One designer let me take a few snaps and i had to pu this one up. Even a bit of Alexander MQueen shone through in some skull and crossbone pieces which were added to emerald green jewels.

I found myself walking around the exhibits chatting to so many designers i didn't get to finish my day before i had to be at another show. After a hectic day Friday i went back to Forest Hill where i had a good sleep before starting my Saturday with another bang - Bernard Chandran was an excellent show with beautiful peacock feathers and glistening gold's and silvers. I managed to spot a few celebrities in the front row, not realising i had bumped into Mr Hudson while waiting to take my place. I managed to get a few shots of the collection, yet unless your front row its hard to mind the heads! Beverley Knight and Holly form the Saturdays were also front row. The collection was inspiring (see photo's below) with a total revamp on tailored and formal women swear.

Bernard Chandran AW10

The second show of the day i attended was Iris Van Herpen who is a new designer. I managed to find my feet and walk from Bloomsbury Square to Victoria House where i was escorted by a lovely Photographer, Erico. I also met Fashion Editor Hannah from Glass Magazine who was lovely to chat to while waiting to enter the show. Iris' s show was amazing! Her space age theme blew me away with her model's taking on a but of contemporary dance accompanied with flashing lights and what to me sounded like some dirty Techno music. I enjoyed the show very much - even though it didn't start till 45mins after ET. I was placed at the end of the front row so i  could take some images, and i got a good look at the collection not to mention the shoes! They were incredible.

I met a few amazing people during my show experience, Pinstripe Prince who i have been following for a while at the Bernard show and Hannah from Glass. I have also been inspired by Fannie's collection and would like to see myself purchasing one of her items asap!

If you spot anyone say hello!...
Model from one of the BFC shows taking a break.

 Outside Bora Aksu show Friday

While at the Bernard show on Saturday i spotted Pinstripe Prince in the que! I said Hello and got a picture of his daywear.



I finally received my tickets for London Fashion Week! I got my lovely invitation through the post and was amazed at how lovely it looked. I imagined a ticket from Ticketweb but actually received a lovely journalists notepad with a lovely design on for the Bora Aksu show on Friday at Somerset House. I was also lucky enough to get 5 more invitations to some lovely accessory shows on Saturday and Sunday. I still have no idea what i am wearing, i would love to wear my KG heels but i have a feeling i am not mentally prepared to totter around in them as yet.

Last Wednesday i had a moment wherre i fancied a 'change' and got my hair cut. I got a block fringe and many of my layers cut into, which looks lovely when you leave the hairdressers but after my not so perfect styling it looks too thick and sometimes i feel like a mushroom. I am sure i will get used to it, its cool but i don't know how to wear it for Friday.
This week is half term so i am spending my days job hunting. I was meant to be helping with Secret London launch at weekend but i had a car accident and didn't managed to get there in time!
Anyway this week i will be updating more as i have an epic rush to find something to wear for LFW.

Tom Ford

While scanning the Vogue gold pages i stumbled across this campaign. Its been a while since we have seen Nicholas Hoult. He is forwarding the campaign for Tom Ford eyewear. Looks pretty darn good to me..

Marie Claire -Nicole Richie


Busy again past few days. Job hunting and trying to have a social life yet still finding the time to write articles and catch up on my favourite blogs ...where do i find the time? Anyway, VOGUE this month is another delight. I treated myself to Marie Claire and Vogue - a total cost of a house, but i was feeling Monday blues so needed a pick me up.  Nicole Richie is looking better these days, she has designed her own range called Harlow 1960.

She is looking pretty amazing don't you think? I love her new hair. This is one look i am interested in following..


Ashish - LFW

I have tickets to London Fashion Week for both Ashish and Bora shows. I cant wait!

I cant wait to attend the shows - Ashish for Topshop is amazing. He is an interesting designer, using the theme of 'surfing' and 'American Summer' as his influences. I hope he has some tailored collections that i can familiarise myself with. I love this black studded jacket and leggings.