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7 Sister Circle Bust Top -£115 - Antipodium

I adore this bustier. I am loving the brown and the black, two of my favourite colours. I am very interested in what i could possibly wear this with? Skinny jeans and doc martins possibly?

Antipodium - The label started in 2006 in small but trendy Shoreditch, London. Looking at the image below its no sduprisingthat he has london influences. Check out the Rock and punk sheek that oozes from this look. The Doc Martins help support the look of course but the effortless sublimity of it makes me happy indeed. Australian made womenswear, its stocked in Urbam Outfitters and Net-APorter.

This is amazing! And look, doc martins!
Check out some looks from their 2010 shows

I love how effortless this 'London ' Look is. I can imagine wearing a checked shirt open with a skirt, and timberland boots aswell? Who would of thought...

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