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Fred Butler, Gaga and Reem

 have had a really hectic week since i last did a shoot with SUNNY. Work has been hard and also the idea of looking for a new home! I am looking to move in with friends after around 4 months when they have got themselves together, but for now i am happy to bob along and rent a room in a house. I have been finding some random weird adverts on Gumtree - asking to pay £400 deposit upfront! Right, whatever. So if you know anyone (girls, boys, aniamals) that have a flat central-ish let me know!
I have been spending my evenings spying on celebrties in LOOK! and Vogue. One designer that has had me 'at hello' is Reem Acra. Emma Roberts looked lovely in a royal blue satin dress with a centre split. Nicole Richie also looked fab in a seqin number.

This Top and Skirt combo below is lushious. It reminds me of a crocodile in contrast with the ocean and not a murky swamp.

How amazing is this yellow? It scream Spring and Summer! I adore the ice organge heels - very 1970's glamour with a hint of retro kicks. The bow allows the dress to adopt a more romantic aura, instead of a 'mumsy' glow, which i feel some of Reem's collection can have the failure of doing. This would look lovely teamed with or without the belt i feel.
I am facinated by her inspiration - i can only conclude her background has a lot to do with the colour choices and fabrics chosen (Indian and Chinese)
Her fabrics are soft, shimering and delicate on the silhoette which is perfect for spring.

Ashish was loving the cardigans at LFW - i cant help but feel spring is upon us and maybe we should leave them at the door? I say this, but my bargain from Brick Lane was a gem and i wear it all the time. River Island has a great alternative if you cant find great vintage at £30!

For those of you that love or hate Lady GaGa, you have ot give her credit for her outfits. In her new video 'Telephone' i am loving her Telephone hat which is designed by UK Designer, Fred Butler.  The designer Graduated from the University of Brighton in 2003 and has since done fantastic editorial and commerical work. Fred has created styles for La Roux, Little Boots and Patrick Wolf. (Thewebsite is fantasic and fun to look around too, have a peek) Check out the blog: http://fredbutlerstyle.blogspot.com/

I love that Gaga herself designed the cigertte glasses and chain dress! Legend.



Miss Q said...

I love the gaga video. I am desperate for a stars and strips crop top, although I think i need about a million stomach crunches before I can carry that off!

Thanks for the lovely blog comment dear. Feel free to follow.

Much Love


Betheny said...

I know! She looks amazing!