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Paris Fashion Week - Loewe

Backtsage at Stella McArtney AW10. I am loving the headwear and the make-up. Makes me think of beautiful exotic royalty in a urban setting.


LOEWE - Amazing bags and accessories that are modelled exquisitely at Paris Fashion Week.

How traditional and feminine are these accessories?Remind me of the 1950's era, American Housewives tottering around in luscious heels while baking blueberry pie. Loving the tights as well. Topshop are opting into the tights this season, although knowing me i would htech them!


Hardip said...

Apple bottom jeans and boots (shoes) with the fuurrrrrrrrrr

Betheny said...

Ha! I think this is a look we should carry off at the weekend 'daaan taaan'