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Beauty and legend that is Tim Ford is holding a beauty event on the 22nd April in Selfridges, London.
I am a lover of lipstick - i have witnessed many shades. I adore BARRY M no62 which is a harsh shade of electric pink, but i also adore blood red and browns. I dont know exactly what my lipstick colour is, but do men even like it when a woman wears it? This guy above seems too...

Priced at £35 each this lippy's are a little out of my budget but how gorgeous do they look?! The lipsticks are available from the 24th April - so be sure to head to selfridges for the shocase on the 22nd.
Love x


Kay | Window Cling Printing said...

I love the shade of it. I never tried to wear a red lipstick before but this makes me want to try for the first time!

Betheny said...

Red lippy is amazing! Very vampy.