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Wonderland Magazine

It seems things may be looking even better since moving to London. I am still contributing to Mixmag Fashion.com, and i was told by Bridget the editor that she will give me admin so i can log into the network and post my own stories!

I have been extra busy with my flat and trying to complete training at work. I am now working on my own completing jobs, whoch is really fun. Some of the requests we get are funny!
I have not been on the fashion radar for a while, which is a shame. Rent money and other funds have been horrid, so now fashion buys as yet. I am going home at the weekend to pick up some more clothes i may have missed. I need to have a good clear out!
While i am at work i need to research into thngs from music, travel to where to go in London. If anyone knows any cool places to go out in the evening let me know!

For now, i am loving this editoria of Carey Mulligan in this months Wonderland Magazine.

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