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Sun has been crazy over the weekend! I burnt to a crisp on Sunday and even though I tried to drink water, i couldnt help myself to some Pimms - which resulted in me being ill on Monday. Too much sun, little water and burning the candle at both ends. Rubbish!
This weekend i am heading to Bournemouth to see Stanton Warriors before indulging in some retail and drinking therapy in East Dulwich with a few friends. Today is the AW10 Next prewview in Bond Street, so i will be heading down around 2pm opposite Selfridges if anyone wants to join me. Silly me i forgot my camera- work has been so hectic recently with new lanches and branding. But hopefully i will be saving some money soon and get myself a well deserved MAC so i can update you all more, and often!

At the moment i am in awe of David Gandy - how amazing is this man?

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