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Mixmag is going well! I have admin now so can write stroies when i see a good one...
I am being put on the website in the MEET THE TEAM Section, so need to sort a picture asap. I went to H&M other day and went nuts in the Fashion for Aids section. I also went a little nuts in River Island and bought some green Harem beauties with an amazing belt. 1 day in and its broken! So i need to take them back but i think its over...

Last weekend i headed down to Kensal Green for a night of Hip Hop and Funk. This weekend I am heading to Camden to see some friends and drink some cocktails. It is the first time in ages I have been out in heels and sipped some wine instead of Beer and dancing to drum and bass. Tuesday i went for dinner round my mate Jack's house, and he has a roof too! I have yet to put a picture up of my roof terrace, but when i do it will be amazing!
I have no laptop still so having to use work for sneaky stalks. Hopefully i will get one soon and i will be updating more and more. For now, money is going on summer clothes and MELT Festival in July. I am excited, just need to book a hostel for the days before and after.

This week I am after one of these;

I just dont know if i can pull it off? I still need to get some great sandals or wedges but i have bought many harem pants and some vest tops - all i need is some of those fanatsuic embellished or suede cowbaoy cardigans that Topshop have! £50 is a bit too much on my budget - thats like a months food shop!
Anyway hopefully you are all well. Hoping to go to NEXT's next do as i missed last one.

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