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Melt! and Berlin

So i have been extra busy the last few weeks. I have been back in London for about 5 days and I am already missing Berlin. After arriving on the 13th July, I was pretty much made up about what berlin was like - full of hairy Germans, un friendly and full of ugly brick buildings. In fact it was a multicultral city full of street art, music and beauty. I met some great people while out in Straushousse Aller, North East and even bumped into a mate from home who had recently moved to East Berlin. After a free tour which was incredible, and taking an amazing amount of photo's we headed to Melt! Festival in Feropolis , about 2 hours away. A small festival opf only 20 thousand and predomenantly German follwing, it was one of the best frestival's I have ever been too.

Set on a location where beauty is not needed, the old steel works in the remote village came to life at night with artists such as Fake Blood, Ricado Vilalobos, Tiga and Modeselektor playing to crowds of a plenty. I made some great new friends as well as having fun with my old and felt at ease in the country. I managed to make some German friends called Ela and Sebastian, anmd hopefully they will come visit when they are in London in September.

i have grown to become facinated by German history. I am in awe of Europe and the amount of history it has. It is hard to believe that the Berlin wall came down only 20 years ago! You can still see the divide - and the street art helps this. I really would love to live in Berlin, especially as its only £300 a month rent all inclusive a month!

I have many pictures that i will upload, but for now, here is why I love Berlin.

Check out my mate John-James's photo's of our week in Berlin - Lush!


Festival Fever

It has been a while sorry I am so shit. The week days are filled with work till 6pm, the evening s are when I get the time to catch up with friends, cook and do chores. The weekends are where I like to let my hair down and that does not include a computer. Until I sort out internet on my loaned desktop I will be updating as i can.

Went to MIXMAG party on Friday where DICK DISCO shone again. I had a whale of a time, dancing to Techno, House and even some weird combinations of classical and dub step. I am envious, as Festival season is upon us and around 20 of my friends are currently on the plane to Serbia. Exit festival is set to be another banger of a line up with Chemical brothers and even Missy Elliot. I would love to go and see that, but not to worry, MELT! Is coming soon and I cannot wait! Berlin – the heart of Techno, elicit clubs open all night and day and even the trendiest of all fashionista’s. I will be snapping away while i dance at Melt! Back on the 22nd July, where 2 weeks later THE BIG CHILL will be coming around. The Big Chill is something I have been looking forward to all year. I love it, and with Kelis, Plan B and even MIA it will be amazing.

What to wear?! I have not tanned sufficiently this month, so will need some ideas. I am thinking this summer I will be in shorts, or maxi dresses. Not a fan of the legs, but I am taking some influence from these... Although me and my friend Hardip were moaning about how obvious festival fashion in. Perhaps we could try something new?