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Festival Fever

It has been a while sorry I am so shit. The week days are filled with work till 6pm, the evening s are when I get the time to catch up with friends, cook and do chores. The weekends are where I like to let my hair down and that does not include a computer. Until I sort out internet on my loaned desktop I will be updating as i can.

Went to MIXMAG party on Friday where DICK DISCO shone again. I had a whale of a time, dancing to Techno, House and even some weird combinations of classical and dub step. I am envious, as Festival season is upon us and around 20 of my friends are currently on the plane to Serbia. Exit festival is set to be another banger of a line up with Chemical brothers and even Missy Elliot. I would love to go and see that, but not to worry, MELT! Is coming soon and I cannot wait! Berlin – the heart of Techno, elicit clubs open all night and day and even the trendiest of all fashionista’s. I will be snapping away while i dance at Melt! Back on the 22nd July, where 2 weeks later THE BIG CHILL will be coming around. The Big Chill is something I have been looking forward to all year. I love it, and with Kelis, Plan B and even MIA it will be amazing.

What to wear?! I have not tanned sufficiently this month, so will need some ideas. I am thinking this summer I will be in shorts, or maxi dresses. Not a fan of the legs, but I am taking some influence from these... Although me and my friend Hardip were moaning about how obvious festival fashion in. Perhaps we could try something new?

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