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My Birthday.

Paul Smith opens its doors to a woman’s only shop next month. I am excited – Paul Smith seems to rule the men’s catwalks and I love his floral prints, silks and boutique accessories. I have been on a little spree as it is my Birthday today and I purchased some lovely pieces from Topshop. Working on oxford Street does have its advantages, although my lunch breaks are now filled with rail surfing and people dodging. I had my eyes on an embellished jacket (as you should know, these are my must haves!) but they had ‘sold out’, which bugged me a little as I only saw it in LOOK! Magazine that morning. Anyway, not one to cause a fuss I purchased some lovely dog tooth harem pants in charcoal and mud brown as well as a delicate slip over with snowflake prints.

Although it’s not pay day till the end of August, the store card took a battering. Why the hell not? It is my birthday! Tonight I am off to Quaglino’s Restaurant in Mayfair which is located not too far from the Ritz. I am taking a few girlfriends down with me and will be making the most of the ES Magazine’s 2 courses for £10, which is fabulous. I recently went to Meza which was delightful and the cocktails were gorgeous.

Quaglino's, Mayfair.

I am hoping to set up my .com soon, which means a make over for Beth may. I will joyfully host a range of sponsors and cover the London streets daily, as my sister has very nicely given me PC World vouchers – one step colder to being online 24/7! If any of you know or would like to get some experience under your belt, email me if you would be interested in pimping out my blog. I can pay – and also cover you in cupcakes, tea’s and hugs.

Topshop £45


Massive Weekender

So Friday night I saw inception! What a confusing film. I ventured to the VUE cinema in Angel where me and Marie had date night. I must admit, I was a little frustrated when we left because I did not even understand what had happened. A stiff drink was needed so we went to the Island and Queen, which was  a lovely pub located down a side road in a resident area. There was Fruli's Strawberry beer which was a delight to down in 15 minutes before it closed. Saturday was my friend Charlotte's BBQ in Croydon, which was lovely. Old girly flatmates brought together by food and PIMMS. I was a bit gutted to leave at 9pm as I was going to Fabric to see Rocardo Villobos, although his set did not start till 8am!

I met the boys and danced all night long where by 11am we left to go have a sleep on my roof. Despite the drops of rain we listend to classical Fm and had laughs about the night before. After being up for so long i finally went to be at 8pm where I slept like a log.

I went to a house I wanted to live in...

Thursday I had visited my mat Nick who was house sitting down the road from me. Peckham doesnt really have extravagant housing but this house was on Grand Designs. With a sliding roof, a bathtub under the matress in the ebdroom, a shower room, and an in built cinema - it really did feel like I was in a W1 postcode, not an SE22.          


I had a lovely Sunday evening yesterday - a are sight I must say. Usually I am nursing a hangover on Sunday mornings to the extent I can not leave the bed I am in. Friday night I relaxed with an Indian in Balham at a rather lovely Charlie's house, which was then followed by a lovely roast cooked by my flatmate James. After copious amounts of Red Wine and too much chocolate I fell asleep at 1am untill 2pm the next day! I felt bad, but 12 hour shifts knock you out. Sunday I mooched around Camden Market and got some lovely rings - I will show you soon. I then jumped on the 168 and went to Hampstead Health where I met Marie and we had a lovely walk on Parliment Hill. I must admit, if i had lots of money I would love to live their. i saw a great deal of writers and artists just sitting on benches drawing or writing.




Thanks Shini for taking the photo and again to Tom for inviting us down.(And jazzbella's for the picture cropping! I could never make it look as good)

Vibe Johansson AW10

I am loving these shots from designer Vibe Johansson's AW10. The shoot itself provides me with connotations of thriller, The Ring. The lank hair and similar palet of colours has that stone wash effect, which makes it very haunting. I love the pale beauty of the model contrasted with the natuaral beach surroundings of wood, wind and sea water. I would love to see what the SS11 looks like for this designers lookbook. Originally from Copenhagen, you can see the influence of the Danish beauty. Johasson is facinated by the endless drapping in fashion and  loves the many ways you can wear one item.

The Big Chill 2010

Full of rain, sun, funny hats and lots of good company. It has changed since 2009 but having my massive skectchers with me made it amazing. My highlight was MIA and Bonobo - pure festival joy.


New blog design please.

I need to re-vamp this blog. Hopefully I will come back after my Festival with some idea's and hopefully, a .co.uk


NEXT Final Model Search 2010

Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited down to the NEXT Model Competition final at Billingsgate Market, thanks to the lovely Tom at Spreading Jam. Full of beautiful people (and not to mention sky scraper heels) I was delighted to meet some great blogger, one being Emily who randomly went to my University! Loving small worlds and the canapĂ©’s that were on offer, we sipped champagne from cute little bottles and gorged on miniature sausages and chips (yum!). Sitting second row we had great view of all the 100 models that were campaigning for that amazing contract with NEXT. NEXT's current 'Face', model Emanuel’a (above) was there to assist the judges make their final decision. Duncan James and Donna Air presented the final, with a few celebrities popping their heads around the event.

The after party saw us girls carted away on a coach to a lovely bar in Old Street 2where we met some of the finalists friends and family as well drinking more free cocktails from the bar. The night ended at midnight (unusually early for me!) where me and a few of the bloggers jetted home on the last tube.
I was delighted to be invited and hopefully will get to see some of the girls again soon. Pictures can be found on the lovely Kirsty's blog, but I am sure Shini will upload some pictures soon, as she took some amazing opens on her camera!
I have been a little busy lately, what with covering festivals and work. I am hoping to get a few hours to myself next week when I return from The Big Chill where I can dedicate some time to scouting some trends and buying some garments myself. I am still contributing to Mixmag fashion, but it is proviing hard when I have a broken laptop, camera and the only internet i get is at work! Roll on money please..