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Massive Weekender

So Friday night I saw inception! What a confusing film. I ventured to the VUE cinema in Angel where me and Marie had date night. I must admit, I was a little frustrated when we left because I did not even understand what had happened. A stiff drink was needed so we went to the Island and Queen, which was  a lovely pub located down a side road in a resident area. There was Fruli's Strawberry beer which was a delight to down in 15 minutes before it closed. Saturday was my friend Charlotte's BBQ in Croydon, which was lovely. Old girly flatmates brought together by food and PIMMS. I was a bit gutted to leave at 9pm as I was going to Fabric to see Rocardo Villobos, although his set did not start till 8am!

I met the boys and danced all night long where by 11am we left to go have a sleep on my roof. Despite the drops of rain we listend to classical Fm and had laughs about the night before. After being up for so long i finally went to be at 8pm where I slept like a log.

I went to a house I wanted to live in...

Thursday I had visited my mat Nick who was house sitting down the road from me. Peckham doesnt really have extravagant housing but this house was on Grand Designs. With a sliding roof, a bathtub under the matress in the ebdroom, a shower room, and an in built cinema - it really did feel like I was in a W1 postcode, not an SE22.          

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