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I had a lovely Sunday evening yesterday - a are sight I must say. Usually I am nursing a hangover on Sunday mornings to the extent I can not leave the bed I am in. Friday night I relaxed with an Indian in Balham at a rather lovely Charlie's house, which was then followed by a lovely roast cooked by my flatmate James. After copious amounts of Red Wine and too much chocolate I fell asleep at 1am untill 2pm the next day! I felt bad, but 12 hour shifts knock you out. Sunday I mooched around Camden Market and got some lovely rings - I will show you soon. I then jumped on the 168 and went to Hampstead Health where I met Marie and we had a lovely walk on Parliment Hill. I must admit, if i had lots of money I would love to live their. i saw a great deal of writers and artists just sitting on benches drawing or writing.


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