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My Celeb Girl Crush

Gillian Zinser from 90210. She seems to pull off that 'I didn't get dressed with the lights on today' look just fine.

This weekend was a hectic one again! Friday i went to Cornwall for a friends leaving, send off which was amazing. Not only did it take 10 hours to drive down (I kid you not!) we went to the Eden Project on Saturday where we ran around the rainforest, finished off with a beautiful stroll and drink on the beach in Perrenporth. I must admit, I love the hustle and bustle of London but I cannot help but feel a lot more relaxed and eased when I am in the country. The sunsets were lovely, the smell of fresh bread, grass and air made my nostrils sting as they are so used to pollution and tube sweat. I left Sunday feeling a little saddened by the thought of concrete and high rise flats, but there is time to live in the country. I am living the London dream and when the money runs out, the patience and the fun I will retreat to the beautiful countryside.

Nathaniel Rateliff - Review @ The Barfly, Camden

Nathaniel Rateliff

The Barfly, Camden - 20.10.10

Playing underneath the spotlight to an intimate crowd is daunting for any musician. Blinded by the lights and drowned out by the sound of chatter can be off putting for any performer,. Standing at the back of the Barlfy in Camden, renowned for its showcase of ‘the next big thing’ I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer beauty of Nathaniel Rateliff’s performance with his band. Close your eyes and you can imagine Jack Johnson, David Gray and even a slight hint of Jonny Cash just to top it off. I will be honest; I am not a big country or folk fan. I am one of those people who shun away from that section in HMV, moving closer to the Dance and Hip-Hop, but sometimes I am willing to let a new artists take me under their wing, which isa difficult thing to do, but somehow Nathaniel did it.

Perfected sound through his vocal’s made me shudder during his beautiful song ‘Happy Just To Be’, I realised this act is one to relax to while writing, thinking or even just waiting for something to happen. Nathaniels coy and very humble performance supported the lyrics in what i would describe as poetry rather than songs. I couldn’t find a recurring tempo nor a repeated chorus, but every piece sang was poetic. The Harmonica was an instrument that I have always hidden away from, cheesy Texan cowboys playing on the steps of their houses. But it added more than just cheddar to the performance, it was an added delight to the already beautiful and tender sound. ‘Shroud’ and ‘Longing and Losing’ were two songs that had the crowd lost for words, silenced by Nathaniels husky voice.

I was passed Nathaniels album a few months ago, which I was asked to review. I am actually disgusted with myself for not having the time to sit and listen to the poetry in the lyrics. I have no made a vow to sit and listen to the album, in full while laying on crisp white bed sheets and a pen in my hand with a notebook. This is because, Nathaniel makes me feel creative and romantic. His presence is enduring on stage, which makes the performance a hell of a lot more enjoyable.
A great gig and an extraordinary album that speaks words. If you are into your country or folk, definitely one to watch out for, even if you are a virgin to the sounds, believe me you may be swung.

Nathaniels album 'In Memory Of Loss' is available at all good record stores now.


ACNE SS11 -shop

Here is the new season of ACNE, favoured by the likes of Daisy Lowe and our very own blogger, Liberty London Gal. She has the opportunity to head down top Kensington Palace and witness the beautiful collection. Not much denim here, but there are some lovely metallic’s and knit wear with vibrant red’s that are sultry and sexy on the woman’s silhouette.

Take a look at the Acne shop on 13 Dover Street, London – such a beautiful space!

Jefferson Hack and ACNE's Jonny Johansson @ Apple Store

Yesterday I got two surprises while working on a horrible Monday morning. Rhiannon from the lovely 9PR emailed me to invite me and guest down to the BarFly in Camden for a gig of her two fantastic acts, Nathaniel Rateliff and Delta Spirit. Rhiannon sent me an album of Nathaniel’s a few months ago but my hectic schedule I was unable to listen and review. The gig last night was the perfect opportunity to see the band at their best and my, they blew me away. I will update with a review before the day is out for you all to read!
Before the Barfly, i attended an intimate talk with Dazed and Confused founder and editor, Jefferson Hack. The may i say, grounded and exceptionally articulate writer and publisher was a delight to watch, as he interviewed ACNE designer, Jonny Johasson. ACNE wowed press on Monday with its LFW Catwalk show at none other than Kensington Palace. With the permission of Lord Snowdon, the ACNE duo invited only 80 guests to preview the SS11 collection. White I was at the talk at the Apple Store in Covent Garden, I managed to grab and I-Pad and tweet away, with Jefferson RT me as he stood in front of me on his Blackberry! The crowd was small with designers from Berlin and Stockholm coming to witness the interview.

Johasson admitted that Stockholm had ‘shit’ style and that Paris and London were his favourites, which is why he opened a store on Dover Street in Mayfair ahead of his LFW debut. He admitted to choosing London as one of the biggest towns in Sweden, his native is ‘Shoreditch’ – to which Hack mentioned that Dover Street is not exactly ‘urban or underground’. Admittedly it isn’t but his store is a beautiful art space dedicated to interior fashion. ACNE worked closely with interior designers to make sure the shop was spacious and light, a great place to try on fashion and open up minds visually. As well as fashion, Liberty’s in Carnaby Street will be exclusively selling ACNE Furniture, another venture from the duo.
The two icons continued to have an informal chat, sat crossed legged on a stage, chatting about ACNE Paper and its contributing editors. Admitting it was one of his favourite reads, Hack also mentioned ‘apart from my own of course’, with a crowd in fits of laughter. Many fashion critics, bloggers and designers attended to support the Swedish export with friends and family too. I actually had a brief chat with one group of ‘friends’ or ‘trendies’ who were in awe of the show. The interview finished with an exclusive showing of the LFW show, with shots from ACNE’s new campaign and preview of the store. A truly magical moment.
I managed to Tweet a few pictures but as it was on a whim i did not take my camera. I am sure however, there will be lots of other pictures surfing around which I will find for you. The quality is not good as I tweeted it and then emailed itto myself – perhaps I should of got the blackberry bold and now curve?
The Apple store is hosting many talks over fashion season with legend Paul Smith on Thursday 23rd September. Get down to avoid disappointment.


Bora Aksu SS11

Although I have not been able to attend many of the London Fashion Week shows, I have been keeping up to date with Twitter feeds and the respected SusieBubble for her spin on the event. Bora Aksu was one designer I was really looking forward to seeing last year, after queuing for more than an hour and not getting seated I vowed to go back this year guns blazing. Unfortunately full time work comes first and I had to give away my ticket. I have however been keeping up with what has been going down and it seems the St Martin’s Graduate had a slightly different influence from last year, Spiders and creepy crawlies were all the rage in his catwalk show. Drapes and cut-outs were also a prime focus, which is a style favoured by fans Rhianna and Pixie Lott.

He always tends to use feminine and soft fabrics that hang beautifully on silhouettes. I am envious of these beautiful dresses that the models got to wear! Teamed with an Aviator jacket, I can see this collection spinning a web out of control.


Barbour and Bestival

So this weekend was Bestival! With over 50,000 revellers and a few thousand staff, it was jam packed and at capacity! I emailed Rob Da Bank, who organises the festival to view my concern and he replied to me via Twitter and told me it will be capped! So I am happy about this.

Silly me took my £100 Office boots with me thinking it would not rain and have not returned to a sunny London with messy boots. I do not have any polish, so this is on my to do list.

In the Post today i got my ASHISH ticket for London Fashion Week. I have used all my holiday at work now so i do not know if i am able to go – if not, I will be happy to give my pass away, although it is a first come first served basis and last year i got straight to the front and was told it was busy!

Bestival highlight for me was the Arcadia Show that had fire balls, electricity, dancers and robots that glowed. It was amazing! I know I keep talking about pictures but today i actually have my reader so I can get those little men in IT to help me out and upload them.
For now, Those who live in London, pick up STYLIST magazine as it is the Collector’s edition with a glossy cover and model Erin O’Connor. It covers some of the best designers at the shows and also tips.

Anya Hindmarch and Barbour have collaborated thios season to bring the best in Winter coats. Barbour jackets are becoming very popular now, but i remember when I was 10 my dad bought me one and I hated it. It was a wax barbour jacket and was green. When i think back now I should of kept it but I gave it away. Barbour is a very prestigious label that has favoured those who work in farming and country style. They are waterproof, light, durable and have large pockets for storing all important lip glosses or in farmers instances,...who knows. They usually come in green or blue, but Anya and Barbour have now teamed together to create 4 stylish pieces.


Make-up and Death

Last evening i went to see the West End show, Deathtrap. Highly acclaimed by critics it is a comedy-thriller based on the Ira Levin 1978 original looks at the relationships between a famous playwright and his wife and a student who is in awe of him. With more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at it really does surprise you during the three acts. You cannot help but constantly question every action of the characters Clifford, who is the ‘overexcited’ homosexual student who is unaware of Guel, the infamous writer of Braodway plays. Set in America in the present day, the play was performed to a small crowd at the Noel Theatre in Leicester Square.

Glee actor, Jonathon Groff is great – for me anyway. He became the most annoying, eager, twisted person you could ever imagine. His lover, Sydney played by Simon Russell Beale is as sarcastic, ignorant and obnoxious as you could imagine for a has-been playwright.
I really enjoyed sitting on the balcony, peering down on the crowd. I got a great view! I got to gfo with work, as one of our suppliers is the Noel theatre’s box office. I would actually consider paying for tickets as well, I am not into musicals or classic theatre I like comedy and thrilling pieces that get you thinking.

I am off to Bestival tomorrow, which I am really excited about. I am working the bar so if you are going come and say hello. I do not have a costume as yet but I am thinking of maybe just going like this or someting;


Cherly VOGUE Cover October 2010

Amazing. This weekend I have splurged on some amazing much needed boots. I tend to purchse boots from higthstreet shops that either leak or have worn heels by the third wear. I have splashed out on some lovely Office boots, priced at £105 i have never ever spent this amount of money on shoes, but i believe they are worth it.
I orginally wanted the Hunter wellies that have the metal detail on - but at £145 a though that was TOO much. I have decided on the leather beauties, thinking they will wear me well for a couple of seasons.

I have justified this by using the storecard. For now, I will be doing some bar work at bestival where I will earn money to pay for them!

Bestival on Wednesday and Deathtrap tonight in the West End after work. I am really excited as it has had some raving reviews.

I will put some pictures up soon! Having no Laptop has it's drawbacks, especially when work has banned uploading of images!



I have a domain name - finally!

I am looking to set it up with a basic template, although i welcome all budding web designers to get in touch. I will pay!


Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend was an absolute banger. Calling all trendiest of Shoreditch and Nottinghill I spent Friday event down at the Blue Last where I partied until the early hours to some amazing, old school garage. T-shirts were off, the trigger fingers were out and the girls were grinding. It was absolutely glorious, sweaty but bloody glorious. Saturday I headed down to Shoredicth where I ventured down Brick lane and saw some amazing street performers, not to mention some great caf├ęs where we handed out CV’s for a friend. Sunday was Carnival day and after trekking up Ladbroke Grove for a good 45 minutes we finally came to The Good Times Stage. Norman Jay, the legend who graced the main stage at the Big Chill smashed a 5 hour set to a full street that got closed off at 2pm. Despite the rain and the clouds revellers partied under umbrellas and Macs to the sounds of funk, soul and jazz. The man also slipped in a few Techno bad boys to get the hands in the air.

Fast forward Sunday evening and I found myself in a car park on Great Suffolk Stereett in Southwark. Dirty and dingy with holes in the concrete, black curtains dividing the three tunnels, it was probably one of the best nights I have had. Claude Von Stroke and Joy Orbison played some corkers with my mate having a go at Claude for stopping his set! 7am and on the 63 home I slept 5 hours before heading back to Kensal Green where I drank some cider and danced at the KCC Stage on Portabello Road. It got a bit dark, with groups of guys rushing the stages – but despite that it was another corker.

Who would of thought that Paradise on Kensal Green would host such an amazing line up? Tucked down a small little street, Fake Blood, The Count and Sinden, Katy B and Mystery Jets played to a full house with Kissy Sell Out and Marvello just hanging out by the stage. The two DJ’s were not even meant to play – possibly one of the coolest places I have ever been. I bumped into the lead singer of the Mystery Jets and menioted that i 'think you are really fit' - which of course is a lie, but I thought possibly he may introduce me to Marvel or Kissy...

Roll on Friday when MixMag party will be taking the Queen Hoxton over. Fergie and Areoplane will be hitting the decks for another night of debauchery.