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Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend was an absolute banger. Calling all trendiest of Shoreditch and Nottinghill I spent Friday event down at the Blue Last where I partied until the early hours to some amazing, old school garage. T-shirts were off, the trigger fingers were out and the girls were grinding. It was absolutely glorious, sweaty but bloody glorious. Saturday I headed down to Shoredicth where I ventured down Brick lane and saw some amazing street performers, not to mention some great caf├ęs where we handed out CV’s for a friend. Sunday was Carnival day and after trekking up Ladbroke Grove for a good 45 minutes we finally came to The Good Times Stage. Norman Jay, the legend who graced the main stage at the Big Chill smashed a 5 hour set to a full street that got closed off at 2pm. Despite the rain and the clouds revellers partied under umbrellas and Macs to the sounds of funk, soul and jazz. The man also slipped in a few Techno bad boys to get the hands in the air.

Fast forward Sunday evening and I found myself in a car park on Great Suffolk Stereett in Southwark. Dirty and dingy with holes in the concrete, black curtains dividing the three tunnels, it was probably one of the best nights I have had. Claude Von Stroke and Joy Orbison played some corkers with my mate having a go at Claude for stopping his set! 7am and on the 63 home I slept 5 hours before heading back to Kensal Green where I drank some cider and danced at the KCC Stage on Portabello Road. It got a bit dark, with groups of guys rushing the stages – but despite that it was another corker.

Who would of thought that Paradise on Kensal Green would host such an amazing line up? Tucked down a small little street, Fake Blood, The Count and Sinden, Katy B and Mystery Jets played to a full house with Kissy Sell Out and Marvello just hanging out by the stage. The two DJ’s were not even meant to play – possibly one of the coolest places I have ever been. I bumped into the lead singer of the Mystery Jets and menioted that i 'think you are really fit' - which of course is a lie, but I thought possibly he may introduce me to Marvel or Kissy...

Roll on Friday when MixMag party will be taking the Queen Hoxton over. Fergie and Areoplane will be hitting the decks for another night of debauchery.

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