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Barbour and Bestival

So this weekend was Bestival! With over 50,000 revellers and a few thousand staff, it was jam packed and at capacity! I emailed Rob Da Bank, who organises the festival to view my concern and he replied to me via Twitter and told me it will be capped! So I am happy about this.

Silly me took my £100 Office boots with me thinking it would not rain and have not returned to a sunny London with messy boots. I do not have any polish, so this is on my to do list.

In the Post today i got my ASHISH ticket for London Fashion Week. I have used all my holiday at work now so i do not know if i am able to go – if not, I will be happy to give my pass away, although it is a first come first served basis and last year i got straight to the front and was told it was busy!

Bestival highlight for me was the Arcadia Show that had fire balls, electricity, dancers and robots that glowed. It was amazing! I know I keep talking about pictures but today i actually have my reader so I can get those little men in IT to help me out and upload them.
For now, Those who live in London, pick up STYLIST magazine as it is the Collector’s edition with a glossy cover and model Erin O’Connor. It covers some of the best designers at the shows and also tips.

Anya Hindmarch and Barbour have collaborated thios season to bring the best in Winter coats. Barbour jackets are becoming very popular now, but i remember when I was 10 my dad bought me one and I hated it. It was a wax barbour jacket and was green. When i think back now I should of kept it but I gave it away. Barbour is a very prestigious label that has favoured those who work in farming and country style. They are waterproof, light, durable and have large pockets for storing all important lip glosses or in farmers instances,...who knows. They usually come in green or blue, but Anya and Barbour have now teamed together to create 4 stylish pieces.

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