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Make-up and Death

Last evening i went to see the West End show, Deathtrap. Highly acclaimed by critics it is a comedy-thriller based on the Ira Levin 1978 original looks at the relationships between a famous playwright and his wife and a student who is in awe of him. With more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at it really does surprise you during the three acts. You cannot help but constantly question every action of the characters Clifford, who is the ‘overexcited’ homosexual student who is unaware of Guel, the infamous writer of Braodway plays. Set in America in the present day, the play was performed to a small crowd at the Noel Theatre in Leicester Square.

Glee actor, Jonathon Groff is great – for me anyway. He became the most annoying, eager, twisted person you could ever imagine. His lover, Sydney played by Simon Russell Beale is as sarcastic, ignorant and obnoxious as you could imagine for a has-been playwright.
I really enjoyed sitting on the balcony, peering down on the crowd. I got a great view! I got to gfo with work, as one of our suppliers is the Noel theatre’s box office. I would actually consider paying for tickets as well, I am not into musicals or classic theatre I like comedy and thrilling pieces that get you thinking.

I am off to Bestival tomorrow, which I am really excited about. I am working the bar so if you are going come and say hello. I do not have a costume as yet but I am thinking of maybe just going like this or someting;


Kristen Leotsakou said...

gorgeous make up!

follow back if you like :)

Betheny said...

Thanks I love the make up too. I did not quite make the same impression at the festival but i love glitter all the same!

Jade said...

I want to see that show.... ummm purely for Jonathon Groff ha!