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My Celeb Girl Crush

Gillian Zinser from 90210. She seems to pull off that 'I didn't get dressed with the lights on today' look just fine.

This weekend was a hectic one again! Friday i went to Cornwall for a friends leaving, send off which was amazing. Not only did it take 10 hours to drive down (I kid you not!) we went to the Eden Project on Saturday where we ran around the rainforest, finished off with a beautiful stroll and drink on the beach in Perrenporth. I must admit, I love the hustle and bustle of London but I cannot help but feel a lot more relaxed and eased when I am in the country. The sunsets were lovely, the smell of fresh bread, grass and air made my nostrils sting as they are so used to pollution and tube sweat. I left Sunday feeling a little saddened by the thought of concrete and high rise flats, but there is time to live in the country. I am living the London dream and when the money runs out, the patience and the fun I will retreat to the beautiful countryside.

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