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DJ AWARDS 2010 -The Winner Is...


Last night was the infamous DJ Awards in the legendary, Ministry of Sound. The doors swung open at 8 with ravers queing from as early as 6, some not making it in at all. I managed to get on down at 8pm, slipping in with Press, which led me to the Press Lounge in the Minsitry Headquarters. The lovely Julia was there to greet us and make sure we had everything we needed, providing us with free drinks upon arrival. I could’nt wait to get involved and was amazed at how professionall other bloggers and magazines were – microphones, cues and video cameras, I felt like a bit of a lamen with my old school pen and pad.

Boy George joined us all on the sofa for a chat, and he was really nice. He chatted openly about prison and the evening ahead, which he was hosting.

Jerome Isma-Ae opened the main room with an hour set of his great trance and dance to a crowd that couldn’t get enough. After his set I managed to get a chat with the German DJ, who is a man of many talents. From producing to DJing he also runs his own label called Jees Productions, which he is currently working on. ‘ We are looking to release my next album either on Jees or a major label’ he admitted. A resident at The Gallery at Ministry, Jerome was quick to add that ‘Ministry is like a family – I will be honest, I have never played any other clubs in London. But Ministry, it is like family’. We chatted about how he was finding the evening and was ecstatic by the crowd. So what constitutes as a good DJ for Jerome? ‘ someone who picks the right tracks, gets the crowd excited. It is not about perfect mixing, it is how you interact with the crowd’. With 100 Dj’s for the taking of the number 1 spot, Jerome confided that one DJ we should be watching out for is up and coming German DJ, Dinox. ‘ He is the best technical DJ I have ever seen!’. After a few minutes chatting Jermone was whisked away to have a natter with one of the other journalists.

I went out to check how the crowd was getting on and was amazed by how many people were going mental over Afrojack. The up and coming House DJ was tearning the Bar up, with crowds locked, not able to move. He played classics such as Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand and his own remix of Spencer and Cool – Hill. Of course he played ‘Take Over Control’ which sent the girls into a frenzy, with the balcony rammed full of students eager to catch a glimpse of the Sweedish mastermind. Afrojack gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, a surge of energy that took the fans onto a parrell state of mind. Clearly, loving his work, he was fearless and almost could of been crownded as Number 1.

Of course, 4 years running, Armin Van Buuren was crownded King of the decks and he managed to slip past me without noticing! Picking up his award and playing a 1 hour set to the crowd, I was able to sit down with a rather tipsy, but every so friendly Afrojack who was enjoying the comfort of the sofa, despite his entourage scaring quite a lot of the interviewers.

‘So, a two hour set – it was inredible, you have a lot of energy out their’ to which Nick (Afrokacj) responded with ‘Yeah of course’. I could feel a bit of awkwardness, especially as he was amazed I was writing and not recording. Bet-AT TV shone a few flickers in my face when we were chatting which made me even more nervous, missing key questions I had prepared. ‘ Who would you go to pay and see, out of the top 100, which DJ would you say is best?’ - Afrokack was quick to get a snidy comment about Buuren winning the crown ‘what? Apart from someone beginning with A and ending in N?’. Admitting he loved Deadmau5 for the reason of ‘ He is the only DJ i know who produces his own songs and then plays them all throughout his set, not anyone else, just his. He also added ‘ Its not about being a technical DJ, no one knows how to mix, out of 100 only 1 person would be like ‘oh no he made a mistke’. Its about sending a wave of energy, playing tracks in the right order’. Ushered by his entourage, I was rushed to finish my questions which then ended with ‘Have a great evening’ before I left the sofa. Still relaxed and enjoying a Coronas, he smoked a cigarette and went to chat with Laid Back Luke and some of his mates in the Press Lounge.

Needless to say, Afrojack went to see Deadmau5. As the Canadian opended his show, exactly 1 year after seeing him at The Roundhouse in Camden, the Sweedish DJ could be seen enjoying what he had to offer on the sidelines.

Check Highlights here....Thanks Sophie Eggleton for keeping on top form and posting some great videos. Check out her blog here .

James Neligan also reviewed the night for his own blog http://www.jamesneligan.blogspot.com/. Keep an eye out, he knows what is hot and not.


Minsitry Of Sound - DJ Top 100 Awards 2010

Line–Ups and Set Times

Ministry of Sound

Main Room

Jerome Isma-ae 9pm – 10pm

Sasha 10pm -11:30pm

Winner Midnight – 1am

Deadmau5 (unhooked) 1pm – 3pm


Letsmix.com Competition Winner 9pm – 9:30pm

Afrojack 9:30pm – 11:30pm

Fedde Le Grand 11:30pm – 1am

Laidback Luke 1am – 3am

Eddie Halliwell 3pm – close

Loft – Hosted by KoolWaters and Pioneer

Marc Vedo

Boy George

So Called Scumbags



Deadmau5 is one of the acts playing at the DJ Top 100 DJ awards on the 27th. I am excited to see what he has been getting up to since i saw him last December at The Roundhouse in Camden.

Joel Zimmerman is clearly grinning, as he talks to DJmag from a far-flung airport lounge, midway between a manic schedule of tour dates and recording commitments. It's another typical day...- Which is why I am excited to see where he will come in the top 100 list.

Tour kicks off 8th December. Mau5 has assembled an amazing line up of electronic artistes to join him on the tour including:

Zane Lowe, Magnetic Man, Calvin Harris, (DJ Set) Stanton Warriors, Kim Fai.

Magnetic Man is another genius performer - the two dj's (Skream and Benga) i adore with their song ' I need Air' and 'I dont Know' the 'feminine' dubsetp just got a little bit cooler.

If you want to get on down and join the party with a line-up that would make your eyes water, get down to Ministry of Sound early.

The Nest

The Nest, Dalston, London.

A new club that opened for the press at the weekend, promising yet another converted warehouse frenzy of dubstep and drum and bass. Simple, underground and dirty ...I can not wait to go there.


AfroJack - Take Over Control

DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ Awards on the 27th will be available to watch online, live. www.be-at.tv is a great site that offers music lovers the chance to catch the world’s top dj’s on 4 different channels on the site. I checked out Arcadia stage from Bestival yesterday and it was amazing watching the crowd, the dj’s and the bird’s eye of the stage.

Playing at the awards ceremony will be Afrojack, Deadmau5 and Eddie Halliwell. One track that I am cracking on at every chance I get is Afrojack’s – Take Over Control. Check out the video below. I am a massive fan of Afrojack’s remixes and as a close friend of Swedish House Mafia DJ Steve Angello, I am looking forward to a possible collaboration in the future.

I am looking forward to attending the show, with presenter Boy George. Have you heard his new song? I love it! I will post about it in the next few days. For now, check out Afrojack’s new single, I adore the Adam F remix, as I love a bit of dubstep.


Flashdance in The West End

Last night I went to the stage production of the West End musical, Flashdance. Now, I am not a fan of musicals – cheesy and full of cringe worthy moments between the love interest and the ‘hunk’ within the show, but for once I was pleasantly surprised. What surprised me the most was the urban twist that the dancers in the show gave for the audience. Flashdance the film was one that I was never really keen on. I found it boring, predictable and thought the storyline was dragged out to far for the 90 minute film. Last night, sitting second row from the front i got a glimpse into the world of a dancers life. Surprisingly, ex Busted member Matt Willis was cast as the lead of Nick Hurley, the ruthless steel works boss, who became the interest of 21 year old dancer Alex Owens. Victoria Hamillton – Barritt was an exceptional member of the cast, incredible stage presence and the perfect choice to play the independent and seductive Alex. In the 1986 film, i found Alex to be an annoying teenager who wined and moaned way to much, and attention seeker if you wish. Alex in the musical, I was in awe. She made the stage her own, especially with the infamous chair scene where she was sprayed with water while dancing in the club. The set design was beautiful, with the steel workers attacking metal with live sparklers, eerie smoke and dirty overalls to accompany the workmanship of the employees. The club scenes were transformed into seedy Columbian den’s with sneering cocaine dealers and strippers who offered little to the imagination. Each dancer was able to show the audience what they were made of, with solo’s to remixes of the 80’s inspired tracks with back flips, break dancing and ballet. The costumes were revealing yet tasteful and the twist on the plot, with Alex’s mother being shot while a robbery took place worked. The cocaine addiction from Junior, Alex’s old school friend and her best pal Gina, was a tremendous performance. Sitting second row I could see vocals being stretched, but the sound was amazing.

Overall Flashdance was an intriguing show where you could not take your eyes off the performers. I would love to go and see the musical again. The Shaftesbury Theatre was intimate and small yet the stage production was far from small. The dancers owned the stage and gave faith in musicals in my eyes. No cringe moments, urban twists on routines and beautiful stage production. Amazing.


DJ Mag's Top 100 Dj's 2010

I have been invited by DJ Mag to attend the Top 100 DJ Awards at Ministry Of Sound this month. I am so excited as I love Deadmau5 and Afrojack and I get to interview them! I have sent some questions over to Afrojack, so watch this space for pre-coverage of the event. For now, Check out Afrojack's single 'Take Over Control' that is a fantastic House tune that has been remixed by Adam F amongst others. The DJ has only been producing for 3 years and considering he counts Steve Angello as one of his best mates, this is one cool DJ. Perhaps he may be part of Swedish Hosue Mafia before we know it.


New Face Alert

Check out Oliver Vaughn - I know Oliver from college and just found out he is modeling. Amazing face don't you think?

I would love to get involved in some casting or even styling for shoots, I just need to make the right contacts and to be able to do it full time I need the financial support as well as experience. Perhaps I could assist during weekend shoots? Who knows but now the winter months are here I am up for contributing a lot more in my spare time. Mixmagfashion is still one of my babies but I have been so busy! I am up for contributing to any music, fashion or culture mags - so just get in touch.