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The Coronet - Fourtet and Caribou

So Friday night i went to see Caribou and Fourtet joined by Nathan Fake and James Holden at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle. After a menacing Bootle of Apple Vodka and excitement for finally witnessing ‘Sun’ live, I was deluded and confused when I was watching the live performance of the band from the balcony sitting down. By popular demand, the dance floor was a heaving mess bodies and from where we were sitting, I could see the band but didn’t really get a piece of the atmosphere. After a short stint at the bar and toilet break I returned to my seats to find the boys ready to get involved. Missing ‘Sun, which was the one I was waiting for, The band closed on Odessa, which had the crowd in turmoil. Half the dance floor cleared for when Fourtet took to the stage, amazing dub of delight and green lasers sending me into a dancing frenzy. It was this point i wished I had not over indulged in Tequila shots and the three pints I just downed while Caribou where on. I danced and danced, forgetting it closes at 5 and somehow missing 4 hours of the night. Why is it that after 4 weeks of wetting my pants to see these two, I do not even remember who was on when and what they played? I am disgusted with myself.

The evening turned into a rather eventful and exciting one with nosy parkers roaming the streets of Bow and Stratford, staying at a friend’s mental Warehouse by the river. Machines and old office equipment made it very spooky but inquisitive as we were, it just got more and more interesting. Falling asleep around 9am I managed to get myself together before another night out on the tiles at the pretentious and rather bland, XOYO. Not a fan myself, I have heard good things about this new club in the heart of Shoreditch, with the promise of big name DJ’s. All i got was a white basement room that reminded me of the stock room where I used to work and 2 small tuck shop crevices for bars. The crowd was cold, the tunes were predictable and the night came to a close at 3.30am. I like hideaways, places to chill if you want but the only place was the smoking area which was the size of a toilet cubicle.

Roll on Sunday and a rather lethargic woman returns to the streets of North Finchley for much food and games of Cranium. There is nothing better than friends, food and wine. A send off it was and how they will be missed, Marie and Nikki. It makes me want to save up my pennies for the next year and troll out to Berlin and start a new life. I would love to go and visit the amigo’s in South America and Australia but Berlin is calling and so is that dirty Techno.

Tonight I am off to The Vortex in Dalston for a performance by John Smith. Folk here I come, something to break in the week until the weekend.

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