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Daft Punk, Magnetic and a Ferry called Bryan

Crystal Castles and Robert Smith of The Cure. Who would of thought? A blast from the past with dreary sounds of heartbreak and potential suicide combined with a headache of electronic – somehow it works. It does however, remind me of a 1990’s club track, that Marilyn would be proud to call his own. However, if you enjoy a little bit of cheese and a break in-between thumping your fists in the air to something as lot harder, it could be for you.

Something that is really getting a repeat play on my I-Pod is the Magnetic Man album, which I am playing while fighting the tube every morning. The album gives me overwhelming power, as I feel confident, independent and like I can take any of those city bankers on. Obviously, the smash hit ‘I need Air’ is one that is on constant repeat, with soulful vocals of Katy B on Comeover’, which i feel is better than the ‘Perfect Stranger’ released as their second single. The only problem is, with these three tracks on constant play, there is not much room for anything else. All of the other songs filter into one mix, which is not a catchy, pounding or dirty enough to catch my attention.

So Daft Punk – remember them? I loved Daft Punk, their videos and their obscure ritual when performing. Their music was uplifting French Brie that made you smile. After a break and sometime in the studio they are back, with exclusive Plays on Radio 1, which i have to say I am not impressed by. With tracks as short as 1.30seconds and an array of random button pushing, some of the tracks I have heard thanks to the lovely Annie Mac, have reminded me of a 4 year old on their ABC spellchecker. Gone are the catchy lyrics and hopeful chants and instead are dark and frightening blends of nothing but ‘noise’.

Last but not least, my final rant comes from the Roxy Music album cover. Renowned for their saucy album covers, women from all over the world, mainly models showcasing beautiful assets – Roxy Music has now turned to Kate Moss to make sure their comeback album, Olympia is a hit. Jerry Hall graced the cover in the 1980’s, probably the highlight of her nonexistent career. Kate Moss however, is an icon within fashion and rock –despite no number 1 album or single. An eye for an eye?

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