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LN-CC Store Opening - Dalston, London

Hidden amongst warehouses and industrial apparatus lingered three bouncers with a very stylish hostess taking names off the guest list, which was as long as the accounts from my office. Feeling as though I was walking into a nightclub, I was escorted down into the basement of a warehouse that honoured the Beauty that is nature. Entering a tunnel of woodland, soft orange lighting, I witnessed air kisses and long black cloaks gracing the floor in brogues and wedges. To each side of the tunnel were rooms of exquisite design, reminiscing the TATE modern or the Saachi. Open white space, contrasted with grey and black heavy fabrics, inspired by tribe and Africa within the menswear. The sweet tweeting of birds and morning crispness made the room a tranquil place to browse the garments. A little more to the left we entered a room that reminded me of a patio within my two bed semi – gravel and a tree house, which again is probably where you take a seat after walking around all day spending that hard earned cash. It became aware to me that the whole point of this shop, was for the experience of shopping. To have a wonder around the store, you need to have made a booking, something that for me puts the pleasure of out of shopping.

Enter the back room and the Vodka and Cranberries were flowing, the minimal house was playing and the collection of briefcases and Mac jackets, huddled in the corner preying on potential air kisses from up and coming designers or bloggers. I felt a little out of place while feeling the Vodka taking its toll, cracking a smile and being genuinely interested in who was who and what inspired these 2 guys to create such an inspirational store, while others tried to find every opportunity to clasp onto their dreams of becoming the new BBF for the next week. ‘Its who you know dahling’..

The Dalston Superstore opened its underground basement doors for the most stylish crowd I have seen in a long time. Those who could move in their skinny jeans danced to some Techno and House, while those who preferred to hide in their camel coats scowled at those able to crack a smile and have some fun. I will be honest, I completely forgot what I was out for, oh yeah, an opening of a store. I got caught up and lost in the fight to be ‘seen’ and found myself overlooking the beautiful fashion that showcases new designers from all over the world. One thing is for sure, The guy who runs the shop? He was a bit of alright..

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