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Otto Dix - Berlin's own storyteller.

While laying on my deathbed and confusing 6am for 6pm, I managed to find a couple of hours to catch the BBC Four, Germany season. I have always been a fan of Berlin since visiting last year and its history fascinates me. I have never known a city to have as many ups and downs and political conflicts as Berlin. I was amazed to find out that ‘Goodbye Berlin’ written by Christopher Iserwood is in fact the smash hit, Cabaret. Based on the liberal city in the 1930’s, it focus’s on Iserwood’s portrayal of sex, drugs and transvestites before the Nazi’s shut cinema’s, dance clubs and parlours down. They called it the ‘Schizophrenic City’ where those who has no clue who they were would go and live. One artist who captured every moment of the red city was Otto Dix. His pictures of Berlin dancing with ‘death’ and cabaret singers, prostitutes in East Berlin were haunting yet very depictive. The Nazi’s hates the artwork deeming them ‘vile’.

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Felisa T. Marcano said...

You can make your destination to the Berlin and enjoy the fascinating history of that place. Being a liberal city it has the attention on Iserwood's portrayal of sex. You can go to the red city which was called Otto Dixie. With the management of http://www.tripindicator.com/city-pass-bus-tour-berlin/hop-on-hop-off/compare-berlin-city-sightseeing-vs-city-circle-sightseeing-vs-tempelhofer-bus-tours.html you can find this place very much beautiful with the political conflicts here. It's good to come here and find the storyteller.