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I love Christmas and I love nothing more than eating my body weight in bread, sprouts and turkey but this year it was suprisingly quiet. Christmas eve was spent throwing up the bottle of Cava i had before I went to the pub, while on the phone to a dear friend who couldnt make out if I was coughing or chucking up my guts. Christmas day was filled with awwardness and a hangover, as I had forgtotten  my brother in laws present! Scatter brain that I am also got my niece something she has already. I am offically the shittest auntie ever. My sister however, did get me some lovely items for my new home, which made me feel even more guilty.

I love coming home but also hate the space to be able to think. The last few months have been stressfull and hectic and I have not had time to think of the things that made me feel so shit in those last few months of summer. I am one hundred per-cent better about most things, but hearing from and thinking about the one person that knows how to switch your buttons - really does get me in a state of paranoia and longing. I was happy watching Bridget Jones laughing at her till I realised, its actually me. Cant ski, can't hold a relationship down and a spinster, living in London with the TV and Ben and Jerry's for company.

Merry Christmas.


Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm

we can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable

oh where the devil makes us sin

but we like it when we're spinning in his grip.

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm

we can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable

oh well the devil makes us sin

but we like it when we're spinning in his grip.

Love is like a sin my love

For the one that feels it the most

Look at her with a smile like a flame

She will love you like a fly will never love you, again

Delicious. Makes me want to curl up into a ball and listen to t all day while hugging someone special.


Amanda Adomaitis

Images by Martina Sprengart

Images by Martina Sprengart

Amanda Adomaitis. The MA graduate has some exceptional pieces and the imagery taken by photographer, Martina Sprengart is beautiful I love this fairy wonderland scene, urban and natural as well as the same time. I am not a fan of studio photography, and this is great location shooting. I am in awe of the natural sunset in the background through the tree’s and think it depicts a natural setting which is what the clothing forefronts.


NEXT - what else?

5 days till Christmas and I am down to getting just my mum and brother in law something. Help NEXT!

Two Turtle Doves

3 French Hens

4 Humming Birds

5 Gold Rings

I dont think my mum would be happy with some farm animals or some rings, she has enough as it is. Perhaps she may be interested in some homeware?

NEXT sells electricals as well you know - perhaps the new Ipod?

Adele. Blimmin Gorgeous.

Hello Adele. My, how different she looks here in comparrison to a couple of years ago at the Brits. Has she lost weight? Has she changed her hair? it seems she has had a complete revamp and she looks amazing. Announcing her tour over the weekend, tickets for Manchester and Birmingham has already sold out. The London beauty has also released her secret gig in Liverpool for the 5 January 2011, which I am finding it hard getting tickets for my clients for. Her album, '21' is a new era of her soutlful works from her '19' album which saw a booze drinking, fag sucking London 'bird' boast about her equality, her love for London and her heartbreak. Her new sound, more sophisticated and less Amy Winehouse is a culture shock between Elbow, Mary J Blige and Kanye West - I can't wait to hear it.

This weekend I finally moved into my house. Unfurnished and ice cold i love it. It has been warmed by many friends over the weekend, but now i find myself on the internet looking at freebies I can get to make it more homely. I am so excited, its a proper house in a lovely street. The snow makes it look beautiful.



Tickets next week please.

Tumblr has taken me under it's wing. I already had one but I LOVE some of the blog I have found on there.


Next - The best place to shop this Christmas.

So Christmas is upon us soon. I have not had any time to hit the shops for anyone, so will be hoping the internet can save my life! I have to be careful this year moving house has come at the wrong time.
One site that has got me in a flutter is NEXT. No matter what the time of year the store always manages to suprise me with its gifts, clothes and accessories. My sister is a massive fan of NEXT and I will be getting her one of their special Fondu sets that she will love. There are some great bed wear packs and gift sets which are prices reasonably too.
Next are going to help me with the countdown to Christmas – check out their fantastic range for your loved ones here!

Let the countdown begin! Each day I will treat you to a Next image with my pick of the day of what to get for some great gifts. Check out this Silver Jaquerd Dress at £69. It is lovely, not to glittery and is perfect for evening wear for any party.

have a look here


Rhianna LOUD tour

Rihanna's tour goes on sale on Saturday at 9am. Oh my god, I missed her last one I really want to go to this one. She is a goddess. Who else is game?


Claude Von Stroke My legs

I went to see Justin Martin and Claude Von Stroke at Fabric nightclub on Saturday. Friday I was at The Queen Hoxton listening tio the sweet sounds of Kissy Sell out. Being right at the front of the crowd on the stage, i managed to have a word with the ma himself and acknowledge that last time I saw him he was indeed under some sort of influence at Notting hill Carnival – ‘Yeah I was fucked!’ he exclaimed before asking my name and loving it as he lives in ‘beth-nal green’. The guy was nice, played some amazing tunes and was a gentleman to the crowd. I have a lot of time for Kissy, I think he has a lot of time for his fans.

After a beautiful breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, I was laying in a food coma before heading to Fabric to see Claude, My friend Hardip had made friends with Joe Brilliant, a guy who classes himself as a ‘Homey’ of the Justin Martin, who is gracing the covers of DJ Mag as we speak. I was loving his set, playing tunes I knew but never knew the names of and getting me lifted on just a double vodka. Claude of course smashed the dance floor, with Mandy ruling the other room with some lovely fidgeting. I however, was knackered from booze Britain binging on Friday. Laurent Garnier had played Village Underground which a friend of mine had got into for free, some people are just so Jammy. I will be keeping a low profile the next few weeks as Christmas as ruined me, as well as getting a new house. What are you guys going to do for New Years? I have found a few nights that look appealing and a few friends are going to Bugged Out at XOYO – I however am broke but I am tempted by The Nest or even Foals DJ set at Hoxton Pony. Who knows, but i know if i had £40 Together at Brixton Academy would be insane. Check the options below, looks insane!


Bestival - The Cure and Primal Scream.

Its only just ended, but Festival season is already filling my inbox with jobs for tickets and VIP packages. I don’t know where to start. So many festivals and so little pennies to fund the habit. Its hard to think of sun and frolicking in the fields of glory when snow is falling out of the sky on a dismal London city. Bestival released its Headline acts today with The Cure and Primal Scream taking to the Isle of Wight stages. Voted as one of the best festivals, every year the headliners get better and better. Rob Da Bank’s pockets must be full of change...

I have been religious to Bestival for the last 3 years and I love the atmosphere and the various festivities. Lst year however, it was full of a much younger crowd, those who would have given Reading or Leeds a run for their money. The maturity within myself was evident when I moaned when i scrambled for exits after Prodigy or got caught in a mosh during their set. Usually I am one to get right involved but for me, too much overcrowding ruins it. Too many cooks comes to mind.
Tweeting throughout the morning, Mr Bank said that the sisze will stay ‘; as close as possible to last years’ – which basically means ‘ More people’. This obviously means more money, for him but less enjoyment for others. While working at the festival this year, I met a lot of locals who have been religious to the festival since its launch 6 years ago. ‘Its too busy, its got too big and the people who come here are not as friendly as those before’ I couldn’t agree more. I was always getting shoved or moaned for standing or pushing past people and while Chai Waller was a great place for seeing some amazing dubsetp, unless you pushed your way through and punched someone in the process, you would of had to listen 100 metres back in the campsite, which turned into a a littler bin. The Orange campsite for workers had to let  festival goers in as the capacity was reached on the other sites.

Independent fe4stivals such as SGP have vowed to not increase its size in favour of  a Christmas bonus. The smaller the better I say. Melt in Germany was 20,000 people max and I kept passing people who I had seen the day before, exchanging smiles and eventually exchanging words. Glastonbury is in a league of its own, it when bestival increased from 25,000 to 2011 with over 50,000 it just gets ridiculous.

European festivals here i come.