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Adele. Blimmin Gorgeous.

Hello Adele. My, how different she looks here in comparrison to a couple of years ago at the Brits. Has she lost weight? Has she changed her hair? it seems she has had a complete revamp and she looks amazing. Announcing her tour over the weekend, tickets for Manchester and Birmingham has already sold out. The London beauty has also released her secret gig in Liverpool for the 5 January 2011, which I am finding it hard getting tickets for my clients for. Her album, '21' is a new era of her soutlful works from her '19' album which saw a booze drinking, fag sucking London 'bird' boast about her equality, her love for London and her heartbreak. Her new sound, more sophisticated and less Amy Winehouse is a culture shock between Elbow, Mary J Blige and Kanye West - I can't wait to hear it.

This weekend I finally moved into my house. Unfurnished and ice cold i love it. It has been warmed by many friends over the weekend, but now i find myself on the internet looking at freebies I can get to make it more homely. I am so excited, its a proper house in a lovely street. The snow makes it look beautiful.

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