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Bestival - The Cure and Primal Scream.

Its only just ended, but Festival season is already filling my inbox with jobs for tickets and VIP packages. I don’t know where to start. So many festivals and so little pennies to fund the habit. Its hard to think of sun and frolicking in the fields of glory when snow is falling out of the sky on a dismal London city. Bestival released its Headline acts today with The Cure and Primal Scream taking to the Isle of Wight stages. Voted as one of the best festivals, every year the headliners get better and better. Rob Da Bank’s pockets must be full of change...

I have been religious to Bestival for the last 3 years and I love the atmosphere and the various festivities. Lst year however, it was full of a much younger crowd, those who would have given Reading or Leeds a run for their money. The maturity within myself was evident when I moaned when i scrambled for exits after Prodigy or got caught in a mosh during their set. Usually I am one to get right involved but for me, too much overcrowding ruins it. Too many cooks comes to mind.
Tweeting throughout the morning, Mr Bank said that the sisze will stay ‘; as close as possible to last years’ – which basically means ‘ More people’. This obviously means more money, for him but less enjoyment for others. While working at the festival this year, I met a lot of locals who have been religious to the festival since its launch 6 years ago. ‘Its too busy, its got too big and the people who come here are not as friendly as those before’ I couldn’t agree more. I was always getting shoved or moaned for standing or pushing past people and while Chai Waller was a great place for seeing some amazing dubsetp, unless you pushed your way through and punched someone in the process, you would of had to listen 100 metres back in the campsite, which turned into a a littler bin. The Orange campsite for workers had to let  festival goers in as the capacity was reached on the other sites.

Independent fe4stivals such as SGP have vowed to not increase its size in favour of  a Christmas bonus. The smaller the better I say. Melt in Germany was 20,000 people max and I kept passing people who I had seen the day before, exchanging smiles and eventually exchanging words. Glastonbury is in a league of its own, it when bestival increased from 25,000 to 2011 with over 50,000 it just gets ridiculous.

European festivals here i come.

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