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Claude Von Stroke My legs

I went to see Justin Martin and Claude Von Stroke at Fabric nightclub on Saturday. Friday I was at The Queen Hoxton listening tio the sweet sounds of Kissy Sell out. Being right at the front of the crowd on the stage, i managed to have a word with the ma himself and acknowledge that last time I saw him he was indeed under some sort of influence at Notting hill Carnival – ‘Yeah I was fucked!’ he exclaimed before asking my name and loving it as he lives in ‘beth-nal green’. The guy was nice, played some amazing tunes and was a gentleman to the crowd. I have a lot of time for Kissy, I think he has a lot of time for his fans.

After a beautiful breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, I was laying in a food coma before heading to Fabric to see Claude, My friend Hardip had made friends with Joe Brilliant, a guy who classes himself as a ‘Homey’ of the Justin Martin, who is gracing the covers of DJ Mag as we speak. I was loving his set, playing tunes I knew but never knew the names of and getting me lifted on just a double vodka. Claude of course smashed the dance floor, with Mandy ruling the other room with some lovely fidgeting. I however, was knackered from booze Britain binging on Friday. Laurent Garnier had played Village Underground which a friend of mine had got into for free, some people are just so Jammy. I will be keeping a low profile the next few weeks as Christmas as ruined me, as well as getting a new house. What are you guys going to do for New Years? I have found a few nights that look appealing and a few friends are going to Bugged Out at XOYO – I however am broke but I am tempted by The Nest or even Foals DJ set at Hoxton Pony. Who knows, but i know if i had £40 Together at Brixton Academy would be insane. Check the options below, looks insane!

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