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I love Christmas and I love nothing more than eating my body weight in bread, sprouts and turkey but this year it was suprisingly quiet. Christmas eve was spent throwing up the bottle of Cava i had before I went to the pub, while on the phone to a dear friend who couldnt make out if I was coughing or chucking up my guts. Christmas day was filled with awwardness and a hangover, as I had forgtotten  my brother in laws present! Scatter brain that I am also got my niece something she has already. I am offically the shittest auntie ever. My sister however, did get me some lovely items for my new home, which made me feel even more guilty.

I love coming home but also hate the space to be able to think. The last few months have been stressfull and hectic and I have not had time to think of the things that made me feel so shit in those last few months of summer. I am one hundred per-cent better about most things, but hearing from and thinking about the one person that knows how to switch your buttons - really does get me in a state of paranoia and longing. I was happy watching Bridget Jones laughing at her till I realised, its actually me. Cant ski, can't hold a relationship down and a spinster, living in London with the TV and Ben and Jerry's for company.

Merry Christmas.

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