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Cat Wennekamp

 Stylist to the stars (above) who made it in just 4 months. I am in awe.

Check out some of her work - not bad for someone who 'fell' into styling.


I am not usually a fan of blogging about menswear, I find it boring if I am honest, however, look at the prelaunch of Thierrey Mugler, who now just calls himself - MUGLER. Amazing haunting silhouettes with intersexuality of what I feel is another dimension, Star Wars comes to mind...

New creative director Nicola Formichetti even hand chose the models from Facebook! Yes, tatooed Rick Genest was found while Nicola was surfing online to find the perfect face to showcase the collection.

Perfect tailoring with added mystery and a devilish touch on sadism, I am a big, big fan.


Another man who has got me in a bit of a tiz 0 Walter Van Beirdendonck. Look at his marvelous collection of vibrant colours, pastels for the jump of spring and the light fabrics - contrast to the dark tailoring of Mugler. It is also more playful, lighthearted and feminine.


Jasper Wong

Jasper Wong - a pretty hilarious artist. I have seen something similar on wrapping paper, once in a shop. I would love to have one of these blown up.

Today is a bit of a daunting day. I am now taking on the VIP events from work and have already spent £5,000 this morning and it's not even 11am. I am looking after the Brit Awards and BAFTA's as well as London Fashion Week. I am hoping to attend the weekend of London Fashion Week, applying for Acne and Vivienne Westwood. Last year I didnt get to see ASHISH which broke my heart, as I got right to the front of the que and they wouldnt let anymore people in. Note to self: get there a lot earlier next time.
This weekend was probably one of the quietest. I found out my local pub plays Hip-Hop on a saturday, and the good kind. I found myself and my flatmate James doing shots at the bar untill the early hours and crawling home. I like weekends where leaving the house is too much. I did spend most of my Sunday sprawled across the floor, while binging on Malteasers. Perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me.

I am off to see Gold Panda in March, tickets are probably going to sell out so need to get on it. Other than that, Caribou are on the 22nd Feb which is something to look forward to as have not been out with Hardip on a girly mad one for ages.


Boom Shaka La.

Thanks to Tumblr, - Well the very interesting John-James,  I have just found another website to bring my days to a close. Endless searching through interesting art, design and photography.

I am feeling inspired this week. I think the Polaroid may come out for some fun.


B L E N D Magazine

Love this cover. Quite sinister, erotic and at the same time, beautiful.


Saga Sig

The last two are hot. For Dazed and Confused magazine by the fabulous Saga Sig. On this gloomy day and after a hectic weekend where I got my phone stolen, lost my sanity and ended up £100 poorer, I needed something to cheer me up. Ther first two images are also Saga, and I love them. Gipsy/chav chic perhaps?


The Naked and Famous

While I am at work I find listening to X Fm a great way to get through the day. I usually go out to Techno or Dance clubs so being able to sit and sing along to songs is refreshing. One band who have been playing on loop in the office is The Naked and Famous. I really like their song, and when looking at the band I initially thought it was CSS – but I enjoy this sound a bit more. They are currently touring and are playing the NME tour in Feb in London, however I have tickets for the Caribou performance on the 22nd. What a moron! If only I had known – Heaven as well. Says it all really..

Anyway this weekend is going to be a busy one again. Tonight is A Skillz at the Old Queens Head and tomorrow is some random night in Shoreditch. Full of laughs I am sure, although having no internet at home is proving to be difficult. Apparently an engineer is coming out soon –n my ass. Stealing Skype when at other people’s houses is my new thing, amazingly if time it just right so I can see my mate floating around in OZ and my other fiend nursing a hangover.

I never heard of James Blake before, but my mate is going to see him tonight in Brixton. I have heard is songs more at work and yes, I like.



I Love the magazine and I love Marina. I love this editorial, through the Kalediscope, perfect for the singer who has such a vibrant presence.


Victoria Topping

Illustration from Victoria Topping

With all these cut backs at work, I am finding ti hard to know where to go. I am looking to possible taking up internships at magazines or digital communication companies, so that I can use my stalking habits of the internet, social networking. I have been looking into possibly dedicating more of my time to writing or even starting my own magazine, which of course is a long way off yet but with help from some of my very creative friends, it could occur.
Any ideas of what you would like in a perfect magazine? I would want to target an audience of 20-30 year olds who have time and money to go out in London, covering music, fashion and general shit that Vice seems to do so perfectly. I don’t want every bim-monlthy to be full of random posers off face hunter or morons from The Loop bar getting their peace signs out. I don’t really know what I want to capture, but I will start working on it asap.
When I was buying Tokion magazine, it featured a lot of illustration and music that I enjoyed looking at. I actually ripped out one image of a smiley face made out of fag ends, cats and nappies for a friend who was away for a few months. I think it may have brightened up his day and his walls.

Anyway, for now Vicotria Topping is keeping me a little sane and making me happy with her blog on her antics in London and Berlin.


The Alpabet for the Human Heart

A - is for Anger.

G is for Greed
Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

J- Is for Jealousy

Jealous kills the love it seeks to protect.

I just came across a really sweet book – full of great illustration. I find self help books patronising and full of shit, telling me to write letters to myself, think positive about cheques and they will come flying through your door – whatever. This on the other hand, is great for just remembering to always be simple, be nice and not to be jealous.

The Alphabet of the Human Heart by Matthew Johnston and James Kerr.


Fannie Schiovoni - Cold Steel

This weekend was hell of a random adventure. Not only did I manage to start the year against all of the resolutions I had persisted, I managed to come back from a drink fuelled day in Camden with a new piercing. Apart from a few Tatoo’s I am not the piercing type. I admit, I am a complete wimp when it comes to piercings of any sort of thing like that, which Is why Hardip had to come and sit in with me. Apparently getting your breasts out in public isn’t that much of a taboo anymore. Needless to say, I will probably be getting them out a bit more now.

Perhaps I should of taken a leaf out of Fannie Schiovoni’s book and just gone topless with some of her beautiful metal body jewellery. I cannot wait to see her again at London Fashion week in Feb. Work have made me the VIP point of call for tickets to some of the major shows. I hope that I can pop out for an afternoon of Ashish again or even Fannie, who has her new Lookbook out now. Check it here.


Sandy Kim

So Christmas was full of cheese and wine and by god, did i indulge in wine. These images have made me think about reaching for that slice of bread and pint of cider (I regret that last night i did indulge, but hey, it was a pub quiz!) Perhaps I should start wearing this attire when I head to the party on Friday? I don’t seem to be finding anything in the sales in London, all piles of old rags and spotted dresses, which never suited me anyway.

Take the Lights Down Already - by Sandy Kim.  Thanks Vice, you help me through the mornings at work.

Check out Sandy Kim’s photography here. She is the sort of photographer who makes me want to run around with my t-shirt over my head, smoking a cigarette and charge in tow a party swigging Gin. Capturing movements of down and outs, fashion conscious teens and quite frankly, fucked up nonsense, I love it.