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Fannie Schiovoni - Cold Steel

This weekend was hell of a random adventure. Not only did I manage to start the year against all of the resolutions I had persisted, I managed to come back from a drink fuelled day in Camden with a new piercing. Apart from a few Tatoo’s I am not the piercing type. I admit, I am a complete wimp when it comes to piercings of any sort of thing like that, which Is why Hardip had to come and sit in with me. Apparently getting your breasts out in public isn’t that much of a taboo anymore. Needless to say, I will probably be getting them out a bit more now.

Perhaps I should of taken a leaf out of Fannie Schiovoni’s book and just gone topless with some of her beautiful metal body jewellery. I cannot wait to see her again at London Fashion week in Feb. Work have made me the VIP point of call for tickets to some of the major shows. I hope that I can pop out for an afternoon of Ashish again or even Fannie, who has her new Lookbook out now. Check it here.

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