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Jasper Wong

Jasper Wong - a pretty hilarious artist. I have seen something similar on wrapping paper, once in a shop. I would love to have one of these blown up.

Today is a bit of a daunting day. I am now taking on the VIP events from work and have already spent £5,000 this morning and it's not even 11am. I am looking after the Brit Awards and BAFTA's as well as London Fashion Week. I am hoping to attend the weekend of London Fashion Week, applying for Acne and Vivienne Westwood. Last year I didnt get to see ASHISH which broke my heart, as I got right to the front of the que and they wouldnt let anymore people in. Note to self: get there a lot earlier next time.
This weekend was probably one of the quietest. I found out my local pub plays Hip-Hop on a saturday, and the good kind. I found myself and my flatmate James doing shots at the bar untill the early hours and crawling home. I like weekends where leaving the house is too much. I did spend most of my Sunday sprawled across the floor, while binging on Malteasers. Perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me.

I am off to see Gold Panda in March, tickets are probably going to sell out so need to get on it. Other than that, Caribou are on the 22nd Feb which is something to look forward to as have not been out with Hardip on a girly mad one for ages.

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