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I am not usually a fan of blogging about menswear, I find it boring if I am honest, however, look at the prelaunch of Thierrey Mugler, who now just calls himself - MUGLER. Amazing haunting silhouettes with intersexuality of what I feel is another dimension, Star Wars comes to mind...

New creative director Nicola Formichetti even hand chose the models from Facebook! Yes, tatooed Rick Genest was found while Nicola was surfing online to find the perfect face to showcase the collection.

Perfect tailoring with added mystery and a devilish touch on sadism, I am a big, big fan.


Another man who has got me in a bit of a tiz 0 Walter Van Beirdendonck. Look at his marvelous collection of vibrant colours, pastels for the jump of spring and the light fabrics - contrast to the dark tailoring of Mugler. It is also more playful, lighthearted and feminine.

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Sher said...

He is terrifying but it makes the show even more spectacular.