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Sandy Kim

So Christmas was full of cheese and wine and by god, did i indulge in wine. These images have made me think about reaching for that slice of bread and pint of cider (I regret that last night i did indulge, but hey, it was a pub quiz!) Perhaps I should start wearing this attire when I head to the party on Friday? I don’t seem to be finding anything in the sales in London, all piles of old rags and spotted dresses, which never suited me anyway.

Take the Lights Down Already - by Sandy Kim.  Thanks Vice, you help me through the mornings at work.

Check out Sandy Kim’s photography here. She is the sort of photographer who makes me want to run around with my t-shirt over my head, smoking a cigarette and charge in tow a party swigging Gin. Capturing movements of down and outs, fashion conscious teens and quite frankly, fucked up nonsense, I love it.

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