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Victoria Topping

Illustration from Victoria Topping

With all these cut backs at work, I am finding ti hard to know where to go. I am looking to possible taking up internships at magazines or digital communication companies, so that I can use my stalking habits of the internet, social networking. I have been looking into possibly dedicating more of my time to writing or even starting my own magazine, which of course is a long way off yet but with help from some of my very creative friends, it could occur.
Any ideas of what you would like in a perfect magazine? I would want to target an audience of 20-30 year olds who have time and money to go out in London, covering music, fashion and general shit that Vice seems to do so perfectly. I don’t want every bim-monlthy to be full of random posers off face hunter or morons from The Loop bar getting their peace signs out. I don’t really know what I want to capture, but I will start working on it asap.
When I was buying Tokion magazine, it featured a lot of illustration and music that I enjoyed looking at. I actually ripped out one image of a smiley face made out of fag ends, cats and nappies for a friend who was away for a few months. I think it may have brightened up his day and his walls.

Anyway, for now Vicotria Topping is keeping me a little sane and making me happy with her blog on her antics in London and Berlin.

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