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Caribou and Drew.

Doing 11-8 shifts at work is very tedious. I only get what, an extra 45 minutes in bed and then I have to leave an hour earlier purely because it is half term and the stations are swarming with the little school oiks. This week, I have had no time to even reflect on my London Fashion Week experience - what there was of it. I need to upload pictures and videos from Bora. Next year I will make sure I will have more time off work to go. September, plannng is underway!
I went to see Caribou on Tuesday, which was a nice change from a sweaty rave. I took Hardip for her birthday and I had been waiting ages to see them live. We missed first few minutes of the set but to be honest, they didnt realyl kick in with Odessa or Sun untill the end. They are great live, sporting white outfits. They broke down Sun for so long I thought it was a different song with synths and base different to what I had heard before. The DJ Caribou, I have seen twice, but do not remember much. This was a delight - I actualy rememberd the whole night.
Saturday is Mircon with David August and Dave Harbour - who is my mate from work who is closing the night at The Russian Bar in Dalston. Quantic I hear, are playing on the 25th in Dalston - cannot wait.

For now, I need new hair. I am getting bored and Drew Barrymore really is rocking that Tie Dye look at the moment. Topshop has its own pop up shop where you can get this look with a range of colours from green to pink - fancy a go? I do! But i do not know what work will think..



The Nest - Dalston

I like finding new places to go for a night out. Perfect setting?- A dark, small club with more base than you can shake a stick at, friendly crowd, not too pretentious and people who are actually there for the music and not to be ‘seen;. Usually Dalston gives me the impression 1. It’s a shit hole, 2. It is full of Shoreditch glasses and 3. It’s expensive. Funnily enough, new combie The Nest proved me wrong. The tunes were amazing thanks to the lovely Alex Metric and the crowd was loving it and ‘avvvvin’ it as much as me, The pot holes in the floor were an added extra, filled with sweat, booze and rain? Who cares, i loved splashing in them. The toilets were simple, no fancy shit and the bar was easy enough to get to. What’s more it was dark and the sound system was bloody good. (XOYO take note..). There were some great tunes, for one The Proxy was rinsed. Ah I think i threw up over the guy in front of me.
Dalston upended my eyes to a side of East that wasn’t as trendy of Shoreditch, but cheaper and a lot friendlier. I think I said hello to someone and they smiled! Role on HervĂ© on the 18th March. As for now, Caribou are playing the Sheppard’s Bush Empire tomorrow. I cannot wait!

LFW - Bora Aksu

So Friday was my first day at London Fashion Week. With my high street stompers in toe I managed to blag my way into a few of the press areas where a bemused Keisha from the Sugababes asked me ‘how do i get into the Bora show?’. After a few chats with some amazing talent including the incredible Holly Fenton, I made my way to the BFC space where I met a great Illustrator called Michael – Spanish, hair of envy and who was there to sketch some drawings along the catwalk. Bora’s show was buzzing and was bursting at the seams with bloggers, fashionistas and singers such as Marina and The Diamonds and LuLu. The paps were flashing their bulbs in the faces of anyone in the front row – some who looked just as bemused as I was.

I had been excited about Bora’s collection, and I knew tailoring was going to be a big influence. It was a highly charged performance with some interesting choice of textures, some that reminded me of costume from a dressing up box.

The tailoring looked too heavy and didn’t fit most of the models well. Shirts of emerald green shone connotations of royalty and a British emblem, however the silk in contrast with the heavy duty wool didn’t fit with me well – nor the models waists. Knits and heavy colours and materials were a surprise for me, who had previously witnessed lilacs and lighter cloth. Walking the runway in armour, the clothes didn’t sit perfectly on the models and I didn’t really appreciate what the collection had to offer until some of the final pieces came out. Black is always winner and with some draping and few netted areas I felt more comfortable although highly unlikely an outfit I would wear to work.


Brits 2011

Been a while since I have updated. I have been really busy with the run up to the Brits and the BAFTAS. I watched it last night and what the hell?  Where was Liam Gallagher spitting about how shit Blur are? Or Jarvis Cocker with his ass out mooning the legend that is Michael Jackson? Only in the 1990’s could we get away with the odd ‘FUCK’ on stage, bleeped out with the delay. Now? We have a pubescent 16 year old picking up a gong for being the best international artist, a tame Rihanna wearing a wedding cake for a dress and really fat guy called Ce-Lo green who blatantly ate everyone’s 3 courses.
On the upside, its good to see Tinie Tempah and Mumford and Sons winning awards for their contribution – a massive pat on the back.

In other news; I had a great valentine’s day with my mate, attending an auction in her local and waking up at 7am for work on Tuesday with heart shapes around my neck and a massive hangover to go with it. London Fashion Week is coming closer and i need to prepare what I am wearing and when I am going. Bora Aksu on Friday will be great, seeing as I did not get in last year... Saturday I will be attending the exhibitions in summerset house, which is where I got to meet the great Fannie last year.

What did you think of the Brits and how was your valentine’s day?


London Fashion Week

Bora Aksu – missed last year’s beautiful catwalk show. The invitation was lovely, this year I hope they pimp it out again.

I will be heading down to London Fashion Week, thanks to Canon, heading to the exhibition halls and meeting with some up and coming designers. Last year I met Fannie Schiovanni, who I hope comes back this year. I will be chatting with bloggers and we all know that bloggers attend the event in toe with friends, cameras and tips on how to pimp your blog. I am hopefully meeting up with a few Bora Aksu fans as well as the usual muses who hit the LDN streets. If you are heading to London Fashion Week, drop me a Tweet or an email and we can meet up.

I am hoping this year I can actually interview more people. Last year I was a little rubbish, I need to get some cards printed – on my to do list! Moo.com, thanks Hardip, are cheap and cheerful. Exactly what I am looking for.! Hopefully they will come in time for the shows.

Aksu’s Spring/Summer 2011 was lovely. Cannot wait for the Autumn Winter 2011!



Next Saturday is going to be awesome. Plumps - have not seen them for a while and they have some digusting new bass I would like to throw up to. A 3 day week at work this week, roll on Saturday.


Leslie Jordan - The Apollo Theatre

I am a massive fan of theatre and love a bit of stand up comedy, however, Lesley Jordan last night has more cringe than laughs. Called ‘My Trip Down The Pink Carpet’ It was a ‘stand up’ reflecting on the Will and Grace star’s encounters throughout his career with various celebrities and his Hollywood climb as a short gay man. The stage was awash with pink and LA star-studded premier-ness, and props for Lesley’s impressions of gay dancing in the 1960’s. Most of the time, the story reflected on relationships with boys at college, one being a Quaterback from his high school and a ‘red neck’ who shot him with a bow and arrow. The stories were funny, but not fascinating. His reminiscing youth years of growing up in Tennessee as a young Christian boy who was a closet gay was interesting not inspirational and his impressions of Tennessee Williams and Christopher Isherwood, some of the greatest writers of our time, were referred to as icons who his friends had compared him too., Yes he has a book out, but sorry, a literary icon? Lesley put on his glitzy performance with impressions of how the butch and pretty gay men dance, with tracks like ‘Its Raining Men’ and Diana Ross blaring from the speakers. Told through a timeline, I think I got bored at the age of 20 when the actor at a ‘defining moment’ when he went to the X Keys Lounge, the only gay club in his town. Unfortunately there were no such moments in this performance. When the show drew to a close there was an emotional reflection on how hard it is for a gay man to grow up – constant jokes about being a fag, queer and detailed accounts of ‘giving one’ to the red haired boy at school, a little too much information. 2 people from the row in front left, astonished.
In all fairness, it entertained. I on the other hand like wit and reflections on things I can relate too. Ok, I am not gay so I couldn’t relate but I feel the show was a little over the top and to match with his southern American accent, it all got a bit too Cabaret.

Sorry, again – Christopher Issherwood would be turning in his grave. Have you ever read goodbye to Berlin? He has more class and substance than Mr Leslie Jordan will ever find.


Matteo Molinari

It is a shame I cannot make it down to the LCF show tonight in Holborn. I would love to go down and see who the next 'big thing' is. I am however, heading to the West End to see some comedy with my flatmate, so hopefully I will get some laughs out of the evening. One person who is going to shine at the LCF Fashion Show tonight is Matteo. Amazing tailoring and images in his portfolio.