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Brits 2011

Been a while since I have updated. I have been really busy with the run up to the Brits and the BAFTAS. I watched it last night and what the hell?  Where was Liam Gallagher spitting about how shit Blur are? Or Jarvis Cocker with his ass out mooning the legend that is Michael Jackson? Only in the 1990’s could we get away with the odd ‘FUCK’ on stage, bleeped out with the delay. Now? We have a pubescent 16 year old picking up a gong for being the best international artist, a tame Rihanna wearing a wedding cake for a dress and really fat guy called Ce-Lo green who blatantly ate everyone’s 3 courses.
On the upside, its good to see Tinie Tempah and Mumford and Sons winning awards for their contribution – a massive pat on the back.

In other news; I had a great valentine’s day with my mate, attending an auction in her local and waking up at 7am for work on Tuesday with heart shapes around my neck and a massive hangover to go with it. London Fashion Week is coming closer and i need to prepare what I am wearing and when I am going. Bora Aksu on Friday will be great, seeing as I did not get in last year... Saturday I will be attending the exhibitions in summerset house, which is where I got to meet the great Fannie last year.

What did you think of the Brits and how was your valentine’s day?


Anonymous said...

oasis are shit as fuck .

Betheny said...

Yeha they are - but they were jokes when they caused beef at the Brits