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Caribou and Drew.

Doing 11-8 shifts at work is very tedious. I only get what, an extra 45 minutes in bed and then I have to leave an hour earlier purely because it is half term and the stations are swarming with the little school oiks. This week, I have had no time to even reflect on my London Fashion Week experience - what there was of it. I need to upload pictures and videos from Bora. Next year I will make sure I will have more time off work to go. September, plannng is underway!
I went to see Caribou on Tuesday, which was a nice change from a sweaty rave. I took Hardip for her birthday and I had been waiting ages to see them live. We missed first few minutes of the set but to be honest, they didnt realyl kick in with Odessa or Sun untill the end. They are great live, sporting white outfits. They broke down Sun for so long I thought it was a different song with synths and base different to what I had heard before. The DJ Caribou, I have seen twice, but do not remember much. This was a delight - I actualy rememberd the whole night.
Saturday is Mircon with David August and Dave Harbour - who is my mate from work who is closing the night at The Russian Bar in Dalston. Quantic I hear, are playing on the 25th in Dalston - cannot wait.

For now, I need new hair. I am getting bored and Drew Barrymore really is rocking that Tie Dye look at the moment. Topshop has its own pop up shop where you can get this look with a range of colours from green to pink - fancy a go? I do! But i do not know what work will think..


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