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Leslie Jordan - The Apollo Theatre

I am a massive fan of theatre and love a bit of stand up comedy, however, Lesley Jordan last night has more cringe than laughs. Called ‘My Trip Down The Pink Carpet’ It was a ‘stand up’ reflecting on the Will and Grace star’s encounters throughout his career with various celebrities and his Hollywood climb as a short gay man. The stage was awash with pink and LA star-studded premier-ness, and props for Lesley’s impressions of gay dancing in the 1960’s. Most of the time, the story reflected on relationships with boys at college, one being a Quaterback from his high school and a ‘red neck’ who shot him with a bow and arrow. The stories were funny, but not fascinating. His reminiscing youth years of growing up in Tennessee as a young Christian boy who was a closet gay was interesting not inspirational and his impressions of Tennessee Williams and Christopher Isherwood, some of the greatest writers of our time, were referred to as icons who his friends had compared him too., Yes he has a book out, but sorry, a literary icon? Lesley put on his glitzy performance with impressions of how the butch and pretty gay men dance, with tracks like ‘Its Raining Men’ and Diana Ross blaring from the speakers. Told through a timeline, I think I got bored at the age of 20 when the actor at a ‘defining moment’ when he went to the X Keys Lounge, the only gay club in his town. Unfortunately there were no such moments in this performance. When the show drew to a close there was an emotional reflection on how hard it is for a gay man to grow up – constant jokes about being a fag, queer and detailed accounts of ‘giving one’ to the red haired boy at school, a little too much information. 2 people from the row in front left, astonished.
In all fairness, it entertained. I on the other hand like wit and reflections on things I can relate too. Ok, I am not gay so I couldn’t relate but I feel the show was a little over the top and to match with his southern American accent, it all got a bit too Cabaret.

Sorry, again – Christopher Issherwood would be turning in his grave. Have you ever read goodbye to Berlin? He has more class and substance than Mr Leslie Jordan will ever find.

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