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LFW - Bora Aksu

So Friday was my first day at London Fashion Week. With my high street stompers in toe I managed to blag my way into a few of the press areas where a bemused Keisha from the Sugababes asked me ‘how do i get into the Bora show?’. After a few chats with some amazing talent including the incredible Holly Fenton, I made my way to the BFC space where I met a great Illustrator called Michael – Spanish, hair of envy and who was there to sketch some drawings along the catwalk. Bora’s show was buzzing and was bursting at the seams with bloggers, fashionistas and singers such as Marina and The Diamonds and LuLu. The paps were flashing their bulbs in the faces of anyone in the front row – some who looked just as bemused as I was.

I had been excited about Bora’s collection, and I knew tailoring was going to be a big influence. It was a highly charged performance with some interesting choice of textures, some that reminded me of costume from a dressing up box.

The tailoring looked too heavy and didn’t fit most of the models well. Shirts of emerald green shone connotations of royalty and a British emblem, however the silk in contrast with the heavy duty wool didn’t fit with me well – nor the models waists. Knits and heavy colours and materials were a surprise for me, who had previously witnessed lilacs and lighter cloth. Walking the runway in armour, the clothes didn’t sit perfectly on the models and I didn’t really appreciate what the collection had to offer until some of the final pieces came out. Black is always winner and with some draping and few netted areas I felt more comfortable although highly unlikely an outfit I would wear to work.

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