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The Nest - Dalston

I like finding new places to go for a night out. Perfect setting?- A dark, small club with more base than you can shake a stick at, friendly crowd, not too pretentious and people who are actually there for the music and not to be ‘seen;. Usually Dalston gives me the impression 1. It’s a shit hole, 2. It is full of Shoreditch glasses and 3. It’s expensive. Funnily enough, new combie The Nest proved me wrong. The tunes were amazing thanks to the lovely Alex Metric and the crowd was loving it and ‘avvvvin’ it as much as me, The pot holes in the floor were an added extra, filled with sweat, booze and rain? Who cares, i loved splashing in them. The toilets were simple, no fancy shit and the bar was easy enough to get to. What’s more it was dark and the sound system was bloody good. (XOYO take note..). There were some great tunes, for one The Proxy was rinsed. Ah I think i threw up over the guy in front of me.
Dalston upended my eyes to a side of East that wasn’t as trendy of Shoreditch, but cheaper and a lot friendlier. I think I said hello to someone and they smiled! Role on HervĂ© on the 18th March. As for now, Caribou are playing the Sheppard’s Bush Empire tomorrow. I cannot wait!

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