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One Day by David Nicholls - Review

I have been a bit of a book worm as of late and realised that my blogging is affected by this. I used to blog about fashion and what was in and what was not – its great to read blogs of people who can be arsed to take 50 photo’s of them a day and parade around Milan, Paris and London blogging as their job but when working 9 hour shifts, playing hard at weekends it is hard to find the time to mooch around Shoreditch’s alleyways and have a one to one with a Lomo.

One ready that has definitely made me feel all sorts of emotions while sitting restlessly on the tube is ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. The play righter and journalist is the brains behind ‘Starter For Ten’ the book and then film, with James MC Evoy, which is a comedy based in the early 1980’s. One Day is also a mirroring image of early University life in the 1980’s with more Romantic punk than you can shake a stick at. The book, which was my weapon of choice to kill a 2 hours of commute a day as been my best read since Flowers in The Attic by Virgina Andrews.

Twp people: Two best friends who meet at university, one called Dexter and one called Emma. One is a total wanker; pompous, rich and obnoxious. The other? Emma, a new age hippy who protests against EVERYTHING and finds solice in the fact she may one day be a writer. The book follows their friendship from the first night of ‘passion’ (a kiss and cuddle in bed on graduation night) through travelling, fiancĂ©s, fuck ups, engagements, property ladder stepping and raving. For some part of the book, you see this obnoxious Dexter working the media, sniffing more coke than Kate Moss and having a ‘great time’ – as he thinks. He meets these ‘Amaaazzzzzing’ people under the disco light who turn out to be pretty shit in sunlight and ne finds all answers to his questions at the bottom of a Moet & Chandon bottle. Emma, who got a 1st is working in a Mexican restaurant, dating Ian a down and out comedian and fantasises about Dexter, who hse obviously loves. It sounds a bit girly, it seems like one of those shitty rom-com’s you would read on your lounger in Spain, but actually it is humorous, warm and definitely holds it’s own. You pass 20 years in the book, rigjt up till they are 41 years old. A lot happens, a lot of feelings immerse but throughout the book the ‘will they wont they’ you know, Ross and Rachel is what keeps you going. One hurdle after another, will they every get together?

Full of laddish anecdotes, it gives women an insight into men’s minds in the early twenties, mid thirties and early forties. Aspirtations of them, what they look for and how they feel about finally getting old. For the men it is the same . You are overcome with this feeling of ‘ they are best friends, do everything together, obviously fancy the hell out of eachother so why are they not together?’
Read it. Definitely read it. David Nicholls is a genius. I love his tongue in cheek and reminisance of the 1900’s when E’s were actually ‘real E’s’ and everyone smoked Marboro Lights – ‘We are the Marlborough Light era’.

Watch it as well - Anne Hathaway will play Emma. I cannot wait!!


Can you tell?...

Norwegian Wood

Last night I went to see Norweigan Wood. After an episode of London buses from Dalston to Holloway, we made it 30 minutes in, missing the death of one of the character s that influences the whole plot. Nether the less it was a film that not only touched me but also made me feel like there was still some sort of hope for love. The story unfolds through Toru’s eyes, who is in a bit of a predicament with falling in love with 2 women – one being the ex girlfriend of his best friend who killed himself, and the Alexa Chung lookalike, Midori. The Noako is a troubled teen, still yearning after her best friend and deceased Zuoki. The trials and tribulations of Toru and Naoko’s relationship hits highs and lows through meetings at the tranquil and beautiful, Norweigian Wood.

The sanctuary is a helping place for Naoko, who finds herself coming to terms with her sexuality as well as her desires.
The film itself was a surprise in many forms: full of sex and rampant Japanese teenagers, it is a cross between The OC and Skinsc – minus the drugs and the raves  of course. I found it a beautiful film, touching and with a fanatic soundtrack which highlighted the pain of losing a loved one and your virginity. The pain and anger of those who witness from the outside was also inspiring. It gave me an insight into how women should be treated and the distance people will go to be with the one they care about.

*** STARS.


Wicked Musical - A Green Gem

Tuesday night I went to see Wicked the musical. How have i not been before? I am not big on my musicals but recently I have been seeing some great shows. I went with work, courtesy of Steve our supplier who also attended with Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge in tow. To be honest, I was gauping a lot of the time. The two were sat one row behind me, so had a cranky neck the next day through turning round so much.
The show gains its creditability for having the most spectacular stage set up in the West End (technically not west end...). Winner of the Olivier Awards for best Musical in previous years, it has no competition when it comes to the production itself. Themed green with bubbles, costumes that resembled the emerald city, it was a delight to see a really magical show. I truely believed the characters, especially Elphaba, who was played by Rachel Tucker, the lungs on her – amazing. The two lead cast members Rachel and Louise Dearman who played Glinda, had such chemistry on stage you really could feel their pain and loss when they become best friends who lost one another. The story is a clever one, and for a person who has never been to fussed about the Wizard of OZ, intertextuality was used when the ‘Wicked Witch of The West’ Elphaba was melted by little innocent Dorothy, over a pair of shoes (and we all know where that one ends!)

It was smart, witty and provided me with a grin that a Cheshire cat would be proud of. I would definitely recommend going to see the how, purely for the set up on stage. Quick set changes and efficient costume swaps, you wouldn’t have seen a flaw if you tried.
Yesterday I helped out my flatmate with his coursework. Attending the Alchema college of Sound Enginerring, i put my ‘face for radio’ voice on his Break Beat Radio Show, which he has a copy of so will try and upload at a later date. The amount of buttons i wanted to press...jesus
This sat is Plump DJ’s at Digital. They were great at XOYO but I am hoping some rexies from there Global Underground album,. As they have now moved from Fingerlicking Records to Grand Hotel Records, influences of more Techno and House. Listen to that album, the remix of DJ Zinc’s Ghost Town is disgusting. I actually threw up.


DJ Yasmin

I have a new girl crush. Since going from a blonde/ginger to a brunette, I am stalking other chocolate heads. My mate went to Chase and Status on Saturday with DJ Yasmin, who was supporting. Also a model, the singer and very talented 21 year old is the new GF of Mr Tinie Tempah. Ahh she is a dream to look at.


Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg – an amazing, spectacular performance from a talented cast. From start to finish I was enthralled, emotionally involved with the characters and felt there hurt and pain of the two lovestruck teenagers. What amazed me about the production was the stage cosmetic. Cleaver sailor men that acted as invisible hands, moving chairs and characters around the stage in such beautiful motion. I thought I would be turned off by the fact that the whole performance is sung – and believe me, I am not a fan of musicals at all. Despite the singing and the cheesy love story, it was a humorous production that at times pushed the boundaries. A devilish sex scene where GeneivĂ© and Guy consummated their love on the beach in Cherbourg – a metaphor of a balloon drifting off into the distance as a sign of virginity lost.

Other sex scenes between prostitutes were slighty off taste, but worked – I think the fantastic Maitresse, who introduced and closed the performance, was a lurker in the backgrounds of the scenes. She was a great asset to the musical despite not really having a purpose.. with cigarette in hand and a bottle of white in the other, she reminded me of an older Lady Gaga in her catsuit and ripped tights and red lipstick. One scene that really struck was her solo singing performance in French – beautiful. The show’s cast were fantastic at humming and singing in sync, dancing and all were light on their feet. I truly envisioned a boring French tale of woe but in fact It was joyous and at times hilariously funny.


Breakspoll 2011 Awards - Finger Lickin..

I have been pretty slow with this blogging malarkey – apologies.

So recently I have been trying to shove my fingers in as many pies as possible, sometimes too many resulting in bloating and tiredness. Friday i went to Cable at London Bridge to witness the very best in Breakbeat with the likes of Slyde, Krafty Kuts and Elite Force. Changing venues at the last minute due to overwhelming demand, Breakspoll 2009 was at the sadly deceased Matter at the Millennium Dome. Packed to the brim and full of lasers, more than you could shake a stick at – it was one of my most memorable Matter moments to date. Cable, a lot busier and bigger than Counter Culture is a 2, 000 capacity venue that has one of the best sound systems in London, played host to a ridiculously, grimy and ear piercing mix of trance and break beat. Elite force was my toffee apple of the evening, playing some influences of hip-hop and techno as well as a bit of a dream with MJ Cole’s ‘Sincere’.

The crowd had travelled from afar, most of them coming from the Midlands. I met a lively sound who travelled the country visiting Breakbeat artists. The main room was packed out, with Slyde playing host to a smaller more chilled out room at the bar. The Finger Licking records member, was last seen by me at a house party my friend hosted ‘ You played in my living room mate’ he bellowed over the deck – I think Slyde remembered, it was a bit of a while back but Rennie Pilgruim also provided support for his Sliding man .

The winners were announced at 11.15 pm with Elite Force winning best Producers (rightly so) and Krafty winning best contribution to Breaks – yes!. Following his set, it seems voters were highly influenced by the Finger Licking team.
Best label went to West Records and best album went to Evil Nine for You Can Be Special Too.

Check the winners below.

Best Track – Hedflux – Mindcell

Best Remix – Freestylers – Cracks (Ctrl-Z Remix)

Best Album – Against The Grain Classics by Krafty Kuts

Best Label – U&A Recordings

Best New Label – Scarcity

Best Producer – Elite Force

Best New Producer – Run Riot

Best DJ – Krafty Kuts

Best New DJ – DJ Chamber

Best Large Event – Shambhala Music Festival

Best Small Event – The Drop

Best Website/Blog – NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk

Best Radio Station – NSB Radio

Best Radio Show – Annie Nightingale Breaks Show (BBC Radio One)

Outstanding Contribution to Breaks – Krafty Kuts
A truly spectacular evening that had more bass than breaks but no cutting on the talent. Thanks Jimmy for the Guest list!


Paris and London

This week has been very manic at work! I am now the VIP specialist so have been in meetings with suppliers, one being the O2. There are some amazing benefits we can give our clients, including Chairmans lounge and bar for free! Anyway, with Paris week showcasing the likes of GaGa for Mugler, I have been keeping my head down low and trying to arrange guest list for a range of music events happening over the coming months. I have drawn myself into music more than fashion, and to be honest, I wasn’t that amused by what London or Milan fashion week had to offer.
I went to Battersea Arts last night for my first life drawing class. It was so much fun! I learnt a lot, as I always get proportions wrong when I draws and seeing a real person in front of me was very helpful. I will be going again. It was also set in a beautiful old theatre where they were showcasing the Red Shoes theatre show. Amazing!
I am off to see Wicked next week when I get back from Cornwall and another west end show. Thanks boss! Other tahn that, this week I have not had time to investigate the net much and have neglected my duties.

Look at Gaga though, what a legend.