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Norwegian Wood

Last night I went to see Norweigan Wood. After an episode of London buses from Dalston to Holloway, we made it 30 minutes in, missing the death of one of the character s that influences the whole plot. Nether the less it was a film that not only touched me but also made me feel like there was still some sort of hope for love. The story unfolds through Toru’s eyes, who is in a bit of a predicament with falling in love with 2 women – one being the ex girlfriend of his best friend who killed himself, and the Alexa Chung lookalike, Midori. The Noako is a troubled teen, still yearning after her best friend and deceased Zuoki. The trials and tribulations of Toru and Naoko’s relationship hits highs and lows through meetings at the tranquil and beautiful, Norweigian Wood.

The sanctuary is a helping place for Naoko, who finds herself coming to terms with her sexuality as well as her desires.
The film itself was a surprise in many forms: full of sex and rampant Japanese teenagers, it is a cross between The OC and Skinsc – minus the drugs and the raves  of course. I found it a beautiful film, touching and with a fanatic soundtrack which highlighted the pain of losing a loved one and your virginity. The pain and anger of those who witness from the outside was also inspiring. It gave me an insight into how women should be treated and the distance people will go to be with the one they care about.

*** STARS.

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