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One Day by David Nicholls - Review

I have been a bit of a book worm as of late and realised that my blogging is affected by this. I used to blog about fashion and what was in and what was not – its great to read blogs of people who can be arsed to take 50 photo’s of them a day and parade around Milan, Paris and London blogging as their job but when working 9 hour shifts, playing hard at weekends it is hard to find the time to mooch around Shoreditch’s alleyways and have a one to one with a Lomo.

One ready that has definitely made me feel all sorts of emotions while sitting restlessly on the tube is ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. The play righter and journalist is the brains behind ‘Starter For Ten’ the book and then film, with James MC Evoy, which is a comedy based in the early 1980’s. One Day is also a mirroring image of early University life in the 1980’s with more Romantic punk than you can shake a stick at. The book, which was my weapon of choice to kill a 2 hours of commute a day as been my best read since Flowers in The Attic by Virgina Andrews.

Twp people: Two best friends who meet at university, one called Dexter and one called Emma. One is a total wanker; pompous, rich and obnoxious. The other? Emma, a new age hippy who protests against EVERYTHING and finds solice in the fact she may one day be a writer. The book follows their friendship from the first night of ‘passion’ (a kiss and cuddle in bed on graduation night) through travelling, fianc├ęs, fuck ups, engagements, property ladder stepping and raving. For some part of the book, you see this obnoxious Dexter working the media, sniffing more coke than Kate Moss and having a ‘great time’ – as he thinks. He meets these ‘Amaaazzzzzing’ people under the disco light who turn out to be pretty shit in sunlight and ne finds all answers to his questions at the bottom of a Moet & Chandon bottle. Emma, who got a 1st is working in a Mexican restaurant, dating Ian a down and out comedian and fantasises about Dexter, who hse obviously loves. It sounds a bit girly, it seems like one of those shitty rom-com’s you would read on your lounger in Spain, but actually it is humorous, warm and definitely holds it’s own. You pass 20 years in the book, rigjt up till they are 41 years old. A lot happens, a lot of feelings immerse but throughout the book the ‘will they wont they’ you know, Ross and Rachel is what keeps you going. One hurdle after another, will they every get together?

Full of laddish anecdotes, it gives women an insight into men’s minds in the early twenties, mid thirties and early forties. Aspirtations of them, what they look for and how they feel about finally getting old. For the men it is the same . You are overcome with this feeling of ‘ they are best friends, do everything together, obviously fancy the hell out of eachother so why are they not together?’
Read it. Definitely read it. David Nicholls is a genius. I love his tongue in cheek and reminisance of the 1900’s when E’s were actually ‘real E’s’ and everyone smoked Marboro Lights – ‘We are the Marlborough Light era’.

Watch it as well - Anne Hathaway will play Emma. I cannot wait!!

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