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Wicked Musical - A Green Gem

Tuesday night I went to see Wicked the musical. How have i not been before? I am not big on my musicals but recently I have been seeing some great shows. I went with work, courtesy of Steve our supplier who also attended with Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge in tow. To be honest, I was gauping a lot of the time. The two were sat one row behind me, so had a cranky neck the next day through turning round so much.
The show gains its creditability for having the most spectacular stage set up in the West End (technically not west end...). Winner of the Olivier Awards for best Musical in previous years, it has no competition when it comes to the production itself. Themed green with bubbles, costumes that resembled the emerald city, it was a delight to see a really magical show. I truely believed the characters, especially Elphaba, who was played by Rachel Tucker, the lungs on her – amazing. The two lead cast members Rachel and Louise Dearman who played Glinda, had such chemistry on stage you really could feel their pain and loss when they become best friends who lost one another. The story is a clever one, and for a person who has never been to fussed about the Wizard of OZ, intertextuality was used when the ‘Wicked Witch of The West’ Elphaba was melted by little innocent Dorothy, over a pair of shoes (and we all know where that one ends!)

It was smart, witty and provided me with a grin that a Cheshire cat would be proud of. I would definitely recommend going to see the how, purely for the set up on stage. Quick set changes and efficient costume swaps, you wouldn’t have seen a flaw if you tried.
Yesterday I helped out my flatmate with his coursework. Attending the Alchema college of Sound Enginerring, i put my ‘face for radio’ voice on his Break Beat Radio Show, which he has a copy of so will try and upload at a later date. The amount of buttons i wanted to press...jesus
This sat is Plump DJ’s at Digital. They were great at XOYO but I am hoping some rexies from there Global Underground album,. As they have now moved from Fingerlicking Records to Grand Hotel Records, influences of more Techno and House. Listen to that album, the remix of DJ Zinc’s Ghost Town is disgusting. I actually threw up.

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