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Easter Weekend.

Easter Weekend was a little shorter than I had hoped. When most people started their weekend on Thursday, I was at work till Saturday. Despite this I endedb up going on a couple of great adventures, ending up in my bed all day Bank Holiday Monday.
AIR London put on a free event at the Rivington Studios in Shoreditch. Quing for ages it was a packed out event with no air conditioning and a sweatbox for a room. The building had 2 floors and a random outdie/inside section upstairs where you couldnt smoke, but it was outsidE? Anyway, packed to the brim of the unusal Shoreditch possé I am usually used to, it was a great event none the less. Going with 3 boys I had to step up my game and ended up in Cable at 6am on Sunday. Once again Cabvle didnt fail, with 2 rooms open for its extravaganza. Unfortunately a copious anmount of Cider and a stupid lack of sleep, I bailed at 8am with the sun in my eyes. I didnt really remember much as it seemed a blur but a 12 hour rampage of Techno and House made me sleep for a solid 6 hours. The next day a gorgeous summer sun belted down in my garden where Techno was born again, into a quiet suburban street in Streatham where the bank holiday weekend continued to 8pm last night.

Tuesday has come around too quickly. I have 3 days of work, 1 day to celebrate the Royal Wedding (which it seems, I am the only one exciterd about it!) and then back to Work on Saturday and Monday bank holiday. Why the hell did i just not embrace the 4 day weekend?...
Next week is Dubfire at Village Underghround,. for Free! It is also Secret Sundaze, which is now sold out. Why is it at the end of the Month you are elft with nothing but pasta, £3 in your account and nopthing to show for your last pay check? This event will have to be a door job.


London Fakes

I Love Fake Magazine is now moving from the digital world to the print shelves, where I can actually touch it. I love I Love Fake - think of Vice, but a bit more classier with some extrodinary new up and coming photographers and artists. It is an interesting mix of urban culture with fashion and society. It isnt obnoxious and is welcoming.

I love how the magazine captures the youth  of today but somehow it seems as though I have stepped back in time.

Expect it in London stores soon.


Kill your Friends.

So steven is a record exec - so he wishes. He is a dark and wonderfully rude man who enjoys nothing more than constantly taking the piss out of not only his work colleagues, but anyone who enters his existance. Go back to the 1990's when The Spice Girls took over the charts and it was the war between Oasis and Blur. The music industry was having it's far share of hits including Radiohead, All Saints had just been signed and Steven, an A&R Executive has had no hits, no large signings and is spending more on coke, prostitutes and Marlboro Lights than he is making money for the company. Take a binge drinking twentysomething who thinks he is the 'Big I am' and add a couple of horrendous murders and you have probably, one of the most hated men in London. The book is filled with toilet humour, disgusting and shocking events of sex, murder and gluntony which in turn make this Steven character sound worse than what was intended. The book is a good and comfortable read - it is not deep, nor is it full of philosophical escapades where Steven finds himself. Usually he finds himself in a pool of his own piss and a headache from the night before. It realyl is a book to laugh, squirm and joke about, life in the 1990's when Music was 'real music' and all about the 'Talent'.

Have a read, tell me what you think.



Yesterday I went to see the new Neil Burger ‘Techno Thriller’ –Limitless. The concept is pretty simple. You have a down and out ‘writer’ (how original) who loses pretty much everything. He bumps into an ex acquaintance who offers him an alternative – take this pill and you will become unstoppable. I have my doubts; Could it be a cheesy sci-fi thriller, will it be full of cliché millionaire big pimpin manic episodes of cocaine addiction and hooker hook ups? I was wrong. The film was clever, gripping and had me question powers and ability of my own mind.

Bradley Cooper played a fantastic Eddie Morra. Basing a film loosely on the book, The Dark Fields by Alan Gynn, it is always hard to replicate that mystery and power through using 100% of your brain, without becoming too overpowering. There were few special effects but those used made me understand what this ‘pill’ actually does to you. The cinematography was fantastic, a real eye opener to how Eddie was feeling when he became this incredible being. NZT as it is called, became the be all and end all of the film. With blackouts, misconceptions and a fluke within the Wall Street Market, Eddie becomes twice the man be used to be but with consequences.

I am instantly fascinated by how much inform action one brain can hold and why we can only access 20% of it. Insignificant information we pick up every day is kept for NZT to explore and create, your own future.


Who remembers?...

Nothing was as good as Sister Sister and Saved by The Bell. Jesus christ, i woke up before 9am for those shows! Very busy over the coming weeks including a total remoddle of the garden, home and a lot of work. Who will be going to the Royal Wedding? I cannot wait - I am all for going down Hyde Park and celebrating in style.


Vivienne Westwood - Royal Ascot Party

I have been a little slow as of late AGAIN. This week I had the opportunity to attend the Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2011 event at her store in Mayfair. The event was hosted by Ascot, who are one of our suppliers at work. The event was to showcase the hats and dresses sold at Royal Ascot, now in its 300th Year! Ascot’s hospitality was fantastic with Champers flowing all night and delicious canapés that were tantalising my taste buds. The evening was filled with beautiful dresses draped in florals and royal blues and greens. The hats were of course the fashion statement of the year, which is what ladies day is all about at the races.

Their was a raffle which blew me away. One winner got to take away a Vivienne Westwood bag and also a scarf! I was gutted. I think I found my wedding dress – a little extreme but Viv’s style is fantastic, especially in regards to the medieval influences she imposes on her designs. I adore her Blacks and Ruby Red’s.

The after party was at Boujis in Mayfair, however I needed an early night as this week I have been running around like a Blue ass fly. Tomorrow night is Justin Martin at Corsica Studios so looking forward to hearing some ‘;Angelic Demons’.