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Easter Weekend.

Easter Weekend was a little shorter than I had hoped. When most people started their weekend on Thursday, I was at work till Saturday. Despite this I endedb up going on a couple of great adventures, ending up in my bed all day Bank Holiday Monday.
AIR London put on a free event at the Rivington Studios in Shoreditch. Quing for ages it was a packed out event with no air conditioning and a sweatbox for a room. The building had 2 floors and a random outdie/inside section upstairs where you couldnt smoke, but it was outsidE? Anyway, packed to the brim of the unusal Shoreditch possé I am usually used to, it was a great event none the less. Going with 3 boys I had to step up my game and ended up in Cable at 6am on Sunday. Once again Cabvle didnt fail, with 2 rooms open for its extravaganza. Unfortunately a copious anmount of Cider and a stupid lack of sleep, I bailed at 8am with the sun in my eyes. I didnt really remember much as it seemed a blur but a 12 hour rampage of Techno and House made me sleep for a solid 6 hours. The next day a gorgeous summer sun belted down in my garden where Techno was born again, into a quiet suburban street in Streatham where the bank holiday weekend continued to 8pm last night.

Tuesday has come around too quickly. I have 3 days of work, 1 day to celebrate the Royal Wedding (which it seems, I am the only one exciterd about it!) and then back to Work on Saturday and Monday bank holiday. Why the hell did i just not embrace the 4 day weekend?...
Next week is Dubfire at Village Underghround,. for Free! It is also Secret Sundaze, which is now sold out. Why is it at the end of the Month you are elft with nothing but pasta, £3 in your account and nopthing to show for your last pay check? This event will have to be a door job.

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