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Kill your Friends.

So steven is a record exec - so he wishes. He is a dark and wonderfully rude man who enjoys nothing more than constantly taking the piss out of not only his work colleagues, but anyone who enters his existance. Go back to the 1990's when The Spice Girls took over the charts and it was the war between Oasis and Blur. The music industry was having it's far share of hits including Radiohead, All Saints had just been signed and Steven, an A&R Executive has had no hits, no large signings and is spending more on coke, prostitutes and Marlboro Lights than he is making money for the company. Take a binge drinking twentysomething who thinks he is the 'Big I am' and add a couple of horrendous murders and you have probably, one of the most hated men in London. The book is filled with toilet humour, disgusting and shocking events of sex, murder and gluntony which in turn make this Steven character sound worse than what was intended. The book is a good and comfortable read - it is not deep, nor is it full of philosophical escapades where Steven finds himself. Usually he finds himself in a pool of his own piss and a headache from the night before. It realyl is a book to laugh, squirm and joke about, life in the 1990's when Music was 'real music' and all about the 'Talent'.

Have a read, tell me what you think.

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