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Yesterday I went to see the new Neil Burger ‘Techno Thriller’ –Limitless. The concept is pretty simple. You have a down and out ‘writer’ (how original) who loses pretty much everything. He bumps into an ex acquaintance who offers him an alternative – take this pill and you will become unstoppable. I have my doubts; Could it be a cheesy sci-fi thriller, will it be full of cliché millionaire big pimpin manic episodes of cocaine addiction and hooker hook ups? I was wrong. The film was clever, gripping and had me question powers and ability of my own mind.

Bradley Cooper played a fantastic Eddie Morra. Basing a film loosely on the book, The Dark Fields by Alan Gynn, it is always hard to replicate that mystery and power through using 100% of your brain, without becoming too overpowering. There were few special effects but those used made me understand what this ‘pill’ actually does to you. The cinematography was fantastic, a real eye opener to how Eddie was feeling when he became this incredible being. NZT as it is called, became the be all and end all of the film. With blackouts, misconceptions and a fluke within the Wall Street Market, Eddie becomes twice the man be used to be but with consequences.

I am instantly fascinated by how much inform action one brain can hold and why we can only access 20% of it. Insignificant information we pick up every day is kept for NZT to explore and create, your own future.

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