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2020 Vision - Slightly blind.

This weekend was another epic bank holiday full of sun, music and friends. The Saturday started a great weekend off with a trip to Brixton Academy to see Annie Mac presents, which to be honest wasn’t the highlight of the weekend. I love Annie Mac, do not get me wrong. She always manages to get the listeners of Radio one pumped for the weekend, but at Brixton Academy, with the majority of Sarrrf Landaaan's massive out in force, too much Dubstep and Drum and Bass tipped me over the edge. The venue itself, it is not a great place to enjoy good music. I like venues that are intimate, have some places where you can chill and not get threatened by the heaving crowd. Fake Blood didn’t really impress me - despite being the only act I danced solidly too, his performance inside a cube which projected images of blood and splutter, didn’t get the crowd pumped. 'Is he actually here?' every one asked while looking around the room confused about how they paid £20 and cant' even catch a glimpse of him. The crowd was very young - a lot of 18 year olds sniffing poppers on the dance floor and angry meatheads racing through crowds pulling trigger fingers. But 4am - 4 hours after getting in, I left.
10am and I am back in the thick of it. Shoreditch tube station, again transformed into an Ibiza paradise with sun, sunglasses, Techno and some house. The crowd was a lot more friendly with some magician s pulling some pranks on the vulnerable. Cider was flowing and the tunes kept coming with crowds busting through the decking to catch some rays as the sun set over East London. I wish that 2020 Vision kept the event at Shoreditch tube despite being over capacity. The venue, Village Underground never really impresses me when I have gone. It is one massive room with two speakers at the front, which when turned up, still are not loud enough. The open space seems wasted, with one stretch of dancefloor and nothing to relax on - after 12 hours dancing, a few sofas would of been nice. In comparison to Dubfire last month, this was a much better crowd. The people were friendly and the music was of course a little less dark. Maya Jane Coles smashed it, being the only DJ I actually knew. After 6 hours in the venue, I left feeling a little broken after a good 16 hours dancing.One thing about Village Underground, despite it being a massive venue, queuing outside and being toldf it is 1 in and 1 our after paying £25 for entry for both events, the crowds were not happy! The venue needs to sort out that smoking area as well which is smaller than my bathroom.

Next time 2020, I know you want more money for the event but seriously, sack off Village Underground, it's not a great club, not a great sound system and it really isn’t the best venue to showcase good talent. I understand it is an arts venue, which it is amazing for. However I like a good set of stairs, some crevices and some sofas to lie on.

The 17th June is Alex Metric at the Nest, Dalston. This will be a good event as I have seen him there before and I like the small venue. £6 advance - do it!


Some people need to chill..

Thanks for the 'constructive' comments on the last post. I suppose some people take blogging a hell of a lot more seriously than i intend. Sorry I am not the best writer in the world, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I am not a hardcore Queens fan and I am not a copywriter. But yes, I am quite shit at getting those commas and quotes in the right place. Suzanne, you happy soul, I will indeed take your rather harsh but valued comments on board. I suggest you go out for a drink as well, losen up.

Well, if i may carry on Suzanne.

Photo: Raspberry Beret Girl's Blog.(Thanks!)

I found a great place for a drink and chill in the heart of Brixton. Not one to usually hit the SW bars and clubs I The Duke of Edinburgh is a lovely drinking hole that offers a spacious beer garden with bunting, a flea market on a Sunday and a Cider Festival (11-12 June) The staff are friendly, the music is a mix between Indie and Soul and the punters are in their early to mid twenties - funky, chilled and friendly.
I ended up in The Whitehouse in Clapham on Friday, which is somewhere I will never be going again. I need to start suing Qype and check the Hype. £8 for a single and an appaling layout for a bar/club. Nah. Not for me.
Sunday I spent the whole day walking around Brick Lane with my flatmates, sampling the Thai curry's in the food hall and sipping fresh smoothies while listening to some Raggae. The afternoon was filled in the WaterPoet, which is another fab pub with lots of random collections of pictures, tables and cairs and wall hangings.


Beyonce - Run the World (Girls)

Beyoncé - everytime that woman does a video, I am in awe. I cannot wait to see her at Glastonbury. This song samples Major Lazer and it works. Bloody hell, she looks incrediable. Where the hell did she get those amazing gold shoes in the video? Better still, who designed that gold claw ring and that outfit?


Queens of The Stone Age - Camden, Roundhouse.

Last night i spent 4 hours in the middle of a mosh, sweating, rubbing myself up against teenage boys and hairy men. No, It wasn’t your usual clubbing experience on Croydon, it was 4 hours of pure bliss at The Roundhouse seeing Queens of The Stone Age. Taking to the stage at 8.45, Josh Homme beckoned the crowd with a Vodka bottle and a cigarette, throwing it onto the stage before opening the set with blasts from the past of their self titled debut album. Celebrating his 38th Birthday, Homme was serenaded by the crowd with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ where the front man replied; ‘ you guys can stop singing now, I haven’t got all night. Let me sing my songs’. With that, the band continued through half of their set with more hair and sweat swinging than a Marylyn Manson concert.

After a short break, the band returned with more recognisable songs (for me anyway!) ‘Make Love’ was played for the ‘Ladies here tonight’ and Josh paced the stage with cigarette in mouth, eyes closed and hands on strings, completely taking the moment in. ‘It’s so good to be back in London!’ he fed to the crowd, which drove them wild, throwing arms and beer cups in the air. The hotter it got, the more the beer stuck to the floor and peoples bodies. Sharing the Vodka with the crowd, Josh and the other band members ended the evening with ‘Go With the Flow’ – Little Sister rocked the crowd, sending them into a frenzy.
With a performance at Glastonbury, it is definitely something to look forward to to. I have never seen or known a man of 38 years of age make my knee’s quiver by just singing into a microphone and smoking a cigarette. Nice work Josh.

Photo's thanks to GIGWISE


Berwick Street

I have been trying to save money recently and being a little creative by creating everything by hand. I have so many clothes that i do not wear adn could be used for something else. I can easily spent £30 ona  top and after  afew wears get bored of it. I have now decided to embrace the sewing machine I got for Christmas and start making new from old.
On my lunch break from busy Oxford Street the other day, I found myself lost down Berwick Street in Soho which is full of little gems. I ventured into the Silk Society where I picked up a meter of red netting fro £1.90, to create my mad hatters tea party headpiece. There was a great little shop called The Berwick Cloth Shop. I found some fantastic fabrics, which I wish i could of captured on camera, and thlough a l;ittlen out of my price range, they were delicate and very beautiful.

I found myself getting lost down Berwick Street, finding  The Cloth House, which was filled with Cath Kidston inspired fabrics and bunting, which was so pretty.

The Clothes Whisperer@ blogger.com photo's.

I have been trying to find some new cafes, pubs and shops that are not just the usual in London. I am going to start spending my weekends out in the city rather than tucked up in bed with a cup of tea nursing a hangover, there are so many great places to see in the city and with full time work I never get to see it all!
I went to a TEED dancing lesson the other day, thanks to I-D and Disel putting on the workshops around the capital.

Hello Linds

Lindsay is back and what better way to show everyone you have overcome all of your addictions, than stripping off for a magazine? Not that she has had a film or a single out for years, but the woman is not smoking, drinking or going out anymore. (I give her 5 months...) Blank Magazine shows her while lounging around some fancy objects in  New York hotel, eating Burgers and slipping into something 'more comfortable'. Either way, she looks bloody good.


Mixmag Party

Yesterday to mark yet another Monday off work (for some, not for me...) Mixmag hosted a fantastic day party in the heart of East London, Shoreditch. The old Shoreditch tube was transformed into a ravers paradise with the old tube line decked out so that you could dance on the stairs with the sun light beaming on your face. Not a cloud in the sky and a mix of techno, house and disco, the venue soon packed out by 5pm, sunglasses everywhere and tippled of Strawberry Kopperberg and Majitos. The crowd were fun loving, trendy east Londoners with the occasional Essex guys and gals who were out in force with their Fake Bake. Standing behind the decks, watching the crowd get down to disco was no other than Hervé. With Moet chilling on the decks and the sun going down, it really was a tremendous afternoon spent in the heart of London.

After a quick trip back to Dalston for pre drinking before we headed back East, we dropped into Village Underground to see Dubfire. Jaded’s very on Raymundo was opening the night which after a few hours was packed to the brim with the German’s biggest fans. Those who had seen the 4 day weekend in, in style were in force with their sunglasses and stomping boots. The sound system was not the best I had heard – having a conversation while standing in front of the speaker was a bit disappointing, but as soon as Dubfire came on the stage they seemed to had turned it up a notch. There was a few technical difficulties, resulting in one build up to a track lasting around 10 minutes, which caused me to slow down my dancing to a point of standing still and aiding, hand on hip. After a few slow burners, the good Dubfire we all know and love brought the crowd back from the dead with a 2 hour set.
The morning was complemented by an after party at Cable’s, Jaded. The morning of techno and house is always a great way to get ready for the week ahead..